The Meaning of our "Colors"

The Central Florida Rydaz is meant to be a close-knit Brotherhood shaped by loyalty, discipline and common interests. These are values that are important to the survival of any serious car or motorcycle club. The original color scheme of the CFR in the "crew days" is Black and White (Not representing the Outlaws MC or any other Club), and was reflected in our dress and by the bandanna colors we wore. The Black and Red is the new Club colors (Not representing the Warlocks MC or any other Club) with the white thrown in as a throwback to the origins of the CFR. Black and Red are also the Psychopathic Records color scheme, and colors of the Psychopathic Rydas, which reflect on the Juggalo background if only by coincidence. The Crossed Hatchets however are a direct representation of our Juggalo loyalty and respect we have to the Juggalo and Underground lifestyle. The CFR emblem is the original icon drawn up by Vice President Draven Mercer after the President Jesta coined the term "CenFL Rydaz" as a shorthand of Central Florida Rydaz. The "AC" is meant to establish ourselves as an Auto Club, meaning we accept all types of automobiles and not just cars (CC) or motorcycles (MC). We fly the AC tag to show ourselves as an Auto Club, however the membership is more important to us than the vehicle a member operates. All members are welcome to wear our Colors on a jacket or vest if they wish, however it is currently not mandatory. 

Taken as a whole, our Colors represent the diversity, camaraderie, unity and friendship that are the foundation of The Central Florida Rydaz