Rise of the Underground

    The Central Florida Rydaz was born in the Underground music scene. Back when the Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records was still considered Underground. We now use the term "Rise of the Underground" for the Club because we are rising, and growing, and doing it independently of anyone else. But we still encourage people to Support independent artists and bands as well. So anyone you think deserves to be on this page, post it to the CFR Facebook Wall, and tell us why. Obviously we support the Underground acts that have made it big, so there's no point in listing ICP, Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, or the likes of them. This is the new emergence that we need to get out there. Support your local artists, Support your local Rydaz.


Some say Lo Key is the undisputed king of the underground Horrorcore music. 
Sifting through the endless plains of recycled beats, trendy imagery, ringtones and hot singles, Lo Key stands out among the rest as someone who delves into every corner of his own mind in an attempt to uncover who he truly is - by expressing his inner journeys in the form of art.

Coupled with his raw, unbridled energy and illuminating sense of mind, Lo Key is a collection of voices in one mind that envelop one soul. Lo Key is the very embodiment of all that you fear to understand and learn of.

With an energy and sound that changes from album to album, Lo Key is the physical manifestation of a complex personality disorder. Whether it's the pounding, hypnotic notes of "ShadowLand", or the deep meaningful real life stories of "Chamiliatic" - or the brutally violent lyrics of "American Monster" - each is merely a piece of a larger picture, a portrait of the human soul; however ugly or beautiful.

Lo Key is the man who will walk you through the gates of the ShadowLand and beyond. He is you. And he loves you

Delusional is part of the Anti-Authority Records group DWB, with two solo albums and one on the way. The Platinum Punk holds down Central Florida, hailing from Polk County.

The Durty White Boyz from Anti-Authority Records 
Featuring Delusional, Keno, Durty Spott, DJ Ant

Home Grown Heros, The Supervillains are our Vice President's favorite band. Hailing from Saint Cloud, 
The 4 piece group plays Reggae, Punk, and their own brand of "Swamp Reggae".  
They were formally on LAW Records, but now have their own label called Rah, Rah Rah Records.

Kayavibe is a post ska reggae rock band hailing from South Central Florida. Their mix of South Florida charm, combined with the catchy hooks and smooth delivery of vocalist Brandon Gibbons, give Kayavibe a sound that is sure to get lodged in your brain. After finding a home at Rah Rah Rah Records (the Supervillains label) and recording the self titled EP with Greg Shields (Ballyhoo!'s producer) and spending time at #2 on the itunes reggae charts, the band is hitting the road and not looking back!

The Jokerr is undoubtedly on of the best rapper/singer/producer combo in the Underground today. 
His passion to tell a story through art, is only met with his passion of standing his ground and even starting trouble with other rappers.
Best known for his epic disses of Funk Volume, Strange Music, and even his attacks on Juggalo Rappers. He is still an amazing artist and worth a listen or three.