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A prospect is someone who has been invited and stated a clear intention of being a full patch member of the club and has also been voted in by at least 75% of the full membership of their chapter of application and has a full member sponsor in the club. The CFR bylaws state the prospect period will be a minimum of 3 months. A prospect must then be voted in by a majority of the full members in good standing to become a full patch member. Not all prospects will eventually become full patch members. Some will realize during their prospecting period that the club is not for them. For others, the club will realize that the prospect is not a good fit for the club. The prospect level of club affiliation is the first level that includes a clearly stated obligation to attend a certain number of meetings and events of the club. While a prospect usually has no voting privileges, he/she is considered a “member” of the club in more defined ways than a friend of the club or a hangaround. A prospect is still expected to follow the bylaws. A club prospect may wear prospect colors. A prospect pays no dues but does pay for prospect colors and is expected to contribute to the well-being and overall good of the club in any way the club officers, his club sponsor or any full patch member feels is appropriate. In the CenFL Rydaz AC no prospect will be asked to perform any task that a full patch member would not also potentially be asked to perform. Prospects are expected to show a level of respect to all CFR members and to the members and prospects of all patch clubs.

Never discuss club business with anyone, and the reality is a prospect is the bottom of the chain of command. To be really good, learn all members names, learn their occupations, hobbies, etc, A club is a brotherhood so be a brother, also make sure you are available for all events.
If a officer needs his back watched at a outing or a run, or a brother is broke down at 2 am, just be there. The more you do the easier it is to become a member.  You are being watched and it will be noticed, always remember as a prospect you have no rank or privileges, and upon introducing yourself  to any patch holder. You must only introduce yourself as a prospect of the Central Florida Rydaz, and keep all other conversation to a minimum, It is also time to start thinking of a road name. We will pick a name and it will be who you are when in club attire. The road name will be short and describe your personality or something that happens to you and the Patch Holders think would be an appropriate road name. If your probate time gets extended it does not necessarily mean you have screwed up, and you should talk to your sponsor.
Prospecting should not be looked at as a necessary evil, but a labor of love.

PS, Never leave a patch holder anyplace, never ever, especially out of town always stay to the end. Unless you have a extreme reason, like your family has a emergency. Remember all Patch Holders are brothers. Respect is the biggest lesson some guys have to learn..