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3.Patchholder (Soulja)

A full patch member of the CenFL Rydaz AC is someone who has been voted into the club by a majority of the full members in good standing of the chapter they are a member of. A full member has demonstrated being in alignment with the principles, philosophy and bylaws of the club. The full member has voting privileges and follows the club bylaws. A full member (and only a full member) is allowed to wear the full club “colors” or back patch and other official CFR gear and name tags bearing the official club colors (with exception of Prospects and gear proclaiming PROSPECT on it). A full member is expected to respect his brother club members and to show this same level of respect to any patch member of any other club.

After you are accepted from a hang around, then go through your dues as a Prospect and the club decides your ready to become a full time member. Once your invited to become a Ryda you will pay the prospect fee (which will cover the cost of your Colors) and then get your Colors and are considered a Full Time Ryda or Soulja.

Those who reach this level recognize the deep level of personal commitment and self-discipline that a man has to demonstrate and sustain in order to earn and wear his Colors. They realize that a clubs colors are prized as the end result of a long and difficult process of membership. Many people outside of the club sub-culture are not aware of the dedication required to have and hold a patch.  Patches are earned not purchased, and as such may also be taken away.

Full members (as well as prospects) should never discuss any club business such as membership numbers, club activities, or any other member's personal information outside of the club. To ask about these things is considered at least rude. Patch holders understand that they are members 24/7/365 and represent the club with their colors on or off. They understand that if they get out of line they are subject to discipline or counseling for their own good and the good of the club. Wearing a patch is more than getting together for a good time, it also means getting together with your brothers through all times. It constitutes a lot of hard work and commitment, where you look out for your brother's well being before your own.

Souljaz- Soulja is the basic rank of the Central Florida Rydaz. You and your family are accepted and invited to all Ryda functions. You are also invited and expected at Chapter/Club meetings and votes. All prospects are under you and are expected to assist you and obey you (on anything you have done or willing to do yourself).