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6. Supporter

This level of club affiliation consists of people who have made some sort of formal or informal contact with the club, perhaps most commonly through a friendship or acquaintance with a full member, but who have not announced an intention of prospecting for future membership. Supporters of the club may decide to join the club on rides or attend other club functions and may do this on a very frequent or infrequent basis. The key distinction is that they have not expressed any intent to join the club. Supporters of the club wear no official club “colors” or patches and pay no dues. A supporter of the club may eventually develop an interest in formalizing his relationship to the club by prospecting for the club at some point in the future. Supporters of the club should realize that the CFR respects all patch clubs and with the awareness comes a responsibility to not do anything while associated with the CFRAC that would bring embarrassment or negativity to this or a member of any other club.