Xander Springs 5/17/2010

posted May 29, 2010, 5:39 PM by Jesta Clown   [ updated May 30, 2010, 8:41 AM ]
Editor's Note: This was originally posted by DGAF, I just tidied it up.

Sup yall, DGAF DontGivaFuck, one day removed from our Patch Holder & Family day at the springs. Now I say Patchholders so the prospects won't feel left out for no invites (But seriously theres gotta be some shit you dont attend, that way u want ur Colors more right?)

Anyways, Xander Springs (Alexander) was awesome. It was a beautiful day, not to hot but hot enough that the cold water was the shit. We cooked some burgers and brats, some hotdogs for the younglings and had plenty of drinks. ALOT of people came out to the springs that day, the entire lot was full and they were making people wait at the gate for spots to open, All good though, The families of the Rydaz attended as well, but it was all about hanging out and being together. No meetings or official "Club Business" to distract from what were supposed to be about.

Not all the brothers made it out, but no hard feelings to anyone as they charge $5.50 a person now, not like when I was a kid and it was like $3-$5 a CAR. Sign of the times. Alot of Bikers out, as it was a beautiful day to ride. Met some cool people who showed support for the CFR, even though there are still some CFR tags in the restrooms, lol (ah, the ol daze...).

Anyway not alot to write, seeing as how theres no "news", but it was just overall a good day with Hot food, Cold drinks, and some swimming in beautiful Alexander Springs. Also noone got eaten by the monster that lives in the pit (fuck you, it almost got Truth, ask him) lol, j/k but I look forward to the next Family outing. I got pictures and such but wont have them up for a lil while, but when they are up they can be found under 'Event Photos' aight yall, hollaholla!

Draven "DGAF"
LC Chapter