5/8/2010 CFR Cookout

posted May 29, 2010, 5:30 PM by Jesta Clown   [ updated May 29, 2010, 5:44 PM ]
Editor's Note: This was originally posted by DGAF, I just tidied it up.

Whats up mutha fackos? D.G.A.F. here dontgivafuck, fresh from Jesta's Crib Clubhouse writing what is hopefully the first of many "blogs" or posts about the happening of Ryda events and meetings. Didn't make it to the meetup? I'll let you know what went down, or at least what I can publicly discuss of our meetings.

First order of business was the status of Soulja J-Roc, who is now officially dropped back to Prospect for disiplinary/review reasons. He accepted the decision of the Board and even whipped up some Ribs for the cookout. Also longtime homie (and IVXX King) Dogboy was given an official invitation to Prospect under Draven, also known as yours truly DGAF. Welcome to the Family Dogboy! Read up on your bylaws and you'll do fine. Dogboy showed off his fresh ass beach cruiser and his plans to put a motor on it, and 49cc is a small engine, esp on a bike, but the bylaws does state "motorized vehicle" as well as car/motorcycle so I guess he found a loophole, but its fresh cuz we can have an awesome show bikereppin tha red and black crossed hatchets. Whoop Whoop.

Also news from Tha Truth, he is running strong THC free in preparation of joining up with JobCorps, like both Trash and myself before him. Go Truth we support ya brother. Other news is we might be rubbin elbows with some big time congress and political mutha fuckaz soon at a political fundraiser, more on that later.

We need a banner for tha Clubhouse, if anyone can draw or paint good hit us up. The Truth & Doja Hotline (641.715.3900x45946) may be reaching its last days since the T&D show looks like it wont be picked up by any self respecting internet or XM stations, It may be revamped as a CFR Hotline to get event dates and important notices for the LC and Nomad chapters, maybe we'll find out next board meeting.

The idea for a Ryda cookbook still sounds cheesy but may be a good way to contribute and show positive light to the community. The idea was approved a few months back and even got some people wanting to contribute, but nothing put down yet... maybe J-Roc can throw in his Rib sauce recipie or I can kick down my famous DGAF Burgerz, lol.

But anyways tonight was fun, we got two new prospects, J-Roc under Sgt. of Arms Trash, and Dogboy under V.P. DGAF. We all got our bellys full, I got my blood sugar high and noone called the cops this time around. If anyone (Truth) missed the meeting still get in touch with a Capt or Officer to see anything you missed that we can't discuss on here. Until next month or so, I'll get outta here.

DGAF dontgivafuck I'm out. McL