9/29/11- A bold new day

posted Sep 29, 2011, 2:43 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Apr 6, 2012, 1:22 PM ]

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    Whats up ninjas?
Your homie DGAF Dontgivafuck here, and since this little page is my corner of the website, and my own little dark corner of the interwebz. I'm gonna write this balls to the wall and hope it doesnt offend anyone. 1st of all its been a long time since the website has been updated, not becasue we have been inactive, but because i lost internet and nobody else updates this shit. I'm gonna make a suggestion to find a webmaster soon to keep this shit flowing. But the Club has not been inactive in the least, in fact we are mad busy these days.
    We have been representing the CFRAC at every Street Fest and Cruise In in downtown Eustis. Also as of the other night Dogboy is officially been patched over and is in the process of customizing his bobber. which I would like to say, I think its AWESOME the more bikes we have than cars, I love riding and its good to have Brothers riding. and I'm glad he got a cruiser and bobber rather than a fucking Hairdryer. no offense to Tattoo Dave or Huey who both ride crotch rockets...they are accepted and at least your on two wheels, but cruisers are just my style and as I said....MY blog! lol.

Truth is now needing to get his bike and we will be straight, Tattoo Dave is still considered a Known Associate since he was down in the crew days, but has yet to make a commitment to the Club. our old high school friend Huey has been hanging out a bit more, but hasnt made any effort to join the Club, but supporters are still awesome and appreciated. On to a few things that have been brought up to me lately.


Two, this came up to me in the last few days from a Ryda's girlfriend on why cant chicks be in the Club.
Well, they can be and are accepted into the Club once they are legally married to a full member. but as far as Executive positions, and certain things such as the private meetings, the bridge, and any work we put in they are not allowed.

This is for the womans safety, as well as to protect the innocent from anything incriminating. but also nobody wants them. and yes that sounds sexist, but its not just the guys dont want the girls there all the time, but the majority of the Ryda Wives dont want to be involved in some of the stuff we do. This came up most recently with this girl asking and pressing the issue, but it also came up a month or so ago with former female Rydalettes trying to get back in.

If you were a Rydalette in the past, then we are sorry that your no longer recognized as a full member. if you want membership, date, fuck, and marry a member. Im sorry, but that is the way it was decided by the Club AND the wives of all members at the time of our transition into a Club. its not going to change. At the request of a members wife, i will bring it up at the next meeting, but after discussing it so far with members of the board...its just not gonna happen, and I'd like to cite some references here from this website:

From our Official Club By-Laws:

"The Central Florida Rydaz A.C. and all affiliated chapters, charters and sister Clubs are open to male Rydaz only and wives who are legally married to a Ryda. Long term girlfriends could be an exception and still be accepted by the Brothers and Club as a whole, however even with long term relationship status, absolutely no Club business is to be discussed.
    a) Legally married wives of full member Rydaz are accepted as a part of the CFRAC in all aspects excluding Executive details and voting priviliges. This does not mean their opinions or input are not considered, only that the final vote will come down to the Board.
    b) Ryda Wives as well as children are considered part of the Family, and as such are welcome at any public event such as Car Shows, Cookouts, Rides or any other events. Wives are still expected to represent the Club in a positive light and not to down the Club in any way.
    c) The CFRAC has an ordained Minister/Chaplain on staff and can conduct official ceremonies if needed for a wedding."

From our FAQ Section:

"Why don't you have females in the club?
The option was open to allow females into the club but was voted out by the wives. Also we have had problems in the past with female members, so now the only females considered "part of the Club" are females who are legally married to a Ryda. Although long term girlfriends are also welcomed as long as they are tolerant of the Club. "

and from our Diversity Statement:

"after being put to a vote solely among the female members at the time of the Clubs "official" founding (and completion of Constitution), Only the wives of Accepted Members will be considered a part of the Club. This does not mean however, that girlfriends of members/prospects, or even female associates will be barred from activities. This is a Family Club and open to everyone in a Family. Board Meetings and Club Management however are exclusive to the stipulations set forth by the Club Constitution and Bylaws."

So as you can see, its pretty established, I would hate to offend anyone, but this is the way it is. Hopefully it wont affect your outlook on the Club, but if it does...just dont let it affect your Ryda.

We have been through times in the past where a woman tries to control the Ryda and it never works out. Rydaz are down for life, and in every past instance, the relationship with the anti-social woman ended...not the Club affiliation.

Anyways, who knows when I'll be back, but I am now a moderater on the CFR FACEBOOK so drop me a line there!

Peace and Chicken Grease...

Draven "DGAF" Mercer