8/17/2010 - Meet Maggie Jones

posted Aug 17, 2010, 2:49 PM by Draven Mercer
Whats up everyone who prob doesnt read this, but its your homie DGAF here, no real updates cuz no meeting I just wanted to share that finally my Bike is outta the shop. Much Props to Tommy over at the Service Dept at Saferide. Coulda been faster service but Tommy was the only one working and it was cheap. (the price, not the work). Anyways this morning I went on a short ride, think i put in a max of 35-40miles, up 44 from Eustis to Royal Trails. Did a ride thru of Royal Trails before coming to Maggie Jones Rd. Now i knew Maggie Jones connected to Paisley but wasnt sure how much was paved or dirt. Well come to find out it is almost ALL dirt. not just clay but Florida sugar sand. Needless to say a bit of a challenge on an almost 500lb bike, and almost lost it in the sand a few times. BEAUTIFUL countryside, too bad i missed most of it battling the sand traps. but at the end I hit pavement and was met by a huge sense of accomplishment by not dropping the bike. now this may sound odd but it was very challenging, had I been on an enduro or something no problem, but the cruiser is just not made for sand. anyways after that it was back towards Umatilla thru Paisley and stopping briefly near Clearwater Lake, enjoyed the ride and made it to Umatilla where I stopped by The Cycle Station for some company and a cold drink. Anyone whos not familier with this place it sells bikes and gear, does repairs and Trike conversions. It also has cold AC, cold drinks, and a comfortable room to relax. Makes a great pit stop and I stop everytime I go through Umatilla and North Lake County. Back to Eustis and then back home. Great day to ride, would have liked to ride some more but I was mainly just test driving the bike. I don't think I'll take Maggie Jones again, but I may make any Prospects reppin a bike to make the run. Anyways Im back on two wheels again, thanks for putting up with this rant...DGAF!