7/5/2010 - Matric Send-off/Farewell Party

posted Jul 5, 2010, 10:26 PM by Draven Mercer
Whats up Ninjas? DGAF Dontgivafuck here with a quick update and some pictures! whoohoo!
Anyways, yea..I got internet now...at least until I cant pay the bill....but I digress;
Its only been a few days since the last meeting and hang out but this was a special gathering to celebrate or wish good luck to CFR Capt and current Sgt of Arms (sounds oxymoronic Capt - Sarge, whatever) who is setting out inapprox 4 days to move to tha GA. yup, red clay boondox lovin, moonshine sippin, dirty fuckin south. and starting an out of state charter for tha CFR. It was announced tonight that he may not be leaving (and we are crossing our fingers he's staying), therefore still with us in the L.C., We also discussed JRoc being exiled, and moving another Hang Around named Tim up to Prospect. Congrats Tim, now we need to find a name for him, any suggestions are welcome, hes kinda a red neck, so sumthin appropriate. Anyways, I showed up late to the party, most people were already there, few were already drunk and the food had to be nuked, but it was fun. We're gonna miss ya Brother ....Long Live The Kings, Rydaz 4 Life
PS- Pix should be up soon under photos, as well as a couple from Xander Springs.