7/2/2011 - A long time coming

posted Jul 2, 2011, 5:14 PM by Draven Mercer
    Holy Shizniz! I'm back up in this bitch like a fleet of black trucks (Pigs try to cut me off with Road Blocks, I'm Ryda shooting through the windshield with two Glocks). If you dont get that reference, dont worry about it. lol. Anyways its been a LONG ass time since I've been on here, because I dont have internet anymore. But that doesnt mean that the CFRAC has stopped, or even slowed down. 2010 closed out with some trouble, and drama regarding our former Sgt at Arms and his new Club (details can be seen HERE) and that caused some hurt pride on my side, and I honestly am willing to look past it. Its over and done with, but I know for a fact the majority of the Club took offense to being lied to and the CFR being disrespected. So who knows.. I know our President has reached out to Judas recently on a personal level, as I have also been thinking of doing so..but I wont make the first move. If he wants to make an attempt to reach out to me, on a personal level we can talk about trying to build some bridges, but the disrespect will not be forgotten. As far as The Club goes, I know he will never be welcomed by the CFR as a whole. but I dont want to dwell on that.

-Our Soulja had his kid, welcome to The Family!

-The DJ Doja Sly, Slick, & Wicked Vol. 1 Myxtape is complete and almost ready to be released, featuring Underground favorites by Tech N9ne, Twiztid, ICP, HedPE, Kottonmouth Kings, Boondox and more all Cut & Stitched, Slowed n Throwed or Chopped & Screwed...whatever you call it. This is made to be bumped in the rides of the Rydaz with cars. keep a lookout here on the CFR Website for the release.

-We had the monthly First Friday Street Fest last night, and it sux cuz we promoted the fireworks at dark, but the fireworks were not until after 10pm, and only like 5min long. This was due to the Fire Barge taking on water and sinking, they had to bring in a new barge and more fireworks (only a few it seems). so that sucked. but the overall Street Fest was awesome. Dogboy brought "the Chopper" his current Minibike project, and it was I would say one of the main attractions of the Street Fest, and def the biggest of the CFR. alot of people came by and checked it out, took pictures, asked questions, and its only going to get better when he gets a fresh coat of paint on it and the CFR decals.

Anyways, Cookout/Meeting Sunday the 17th it looks like, keep your eyes peeled on the CFR Facebook for more info on that.

I gotta run, sorry for the long lack in posts, but still no internet so no guarantee on frequency.

-DGAF DontgivaFu*k