6/26/210 Prospects Cookout - CANCELED

posted Jun 28, 2010, 7:05 AM by Draven Mercer
Whoa, whats up...DGAF Dontgivafu*k here,
ok, so the official event was a Lunch cookout at our Prospect Dogboys house, but due to some unforseen situations...it was cancelled a mere few hours before. However last minute planning by our Prez brought up a Ryde from Jesta's Crib to Lake Idamere park. Now there was no food or cookout (Dogboy had that covered) but the Ride was nice. I rode the bike and the trip around Lake Eustis was nice, the park itself was beautiful with plenty of playgrounds for the kids. I read the park also offers hiking but I did not partake in that activity. Def something to keep in mind for another trip. Anyways we had the meeting even though due to the relocation not all members were present. Heres the run-down
* CFR Prospect J-Roc, who mind you has been down since 2003 but recently demoted back to Prospect due to behavior issues, has OFFICIALLY been placed in Exile. His Sponsor (Sgt of Arms Matric) pulled his support in recent weeks due to continued lies and deception. It was officially put to a vote at this meeting and passed. Now if we can only get ahold of him to take his tattoo. lol
* CFR Capt. Matric will be relienquishing his Sgt of Arms position and moving out of state. I believe he will fly the Nomad flag until he gets enough prospects to form his own chapter, then he will start an out of state chapter/CFR sister club. Good luck on that venture. There will be a going away party at Jesta's Crib on July 5th
*Underground Concert @ Firestone July 6th- (HED)pe, Kutt Calhoun, Johnny Richter and more.
if ya an make it cool...if not, thats cool too, just thought i'd throw it out there. $15/$18door
Aight Y'all I'm out this bitch like the crew of the Columbia.....see ya nxt month.
Draven "DGAF" Mercer