2/22/2011 -A message from the Vice President regarding the CFR Guest book

posted Feb 22, 2011, 9:02 AM by Draven Mercer
      Thank you to everyone on the website and CFR Facebook, for all the positive feedback we have received. This Club has been around for 13 years, in one organization or another, and I gotta say the website and facebook has taken this sh*t to a whole new level, and has shown us how much support we really have. I really enjoyed checking in and reading the CFR guestbook, Much luv to all of you, we need your continuing support in who we are and what we do, to help us be our best and supportive for our families and our community. We have received several comments on Facebook and on the Guest book, about how awesome of a Club we have and how positive we are. This coming from Juggalos, non-Juggalos, %1 Bikers, and everyday people.

    The reason I write this for the CFR Website, Guest book and for the CFR Facebook page, is to address a comment left on our facebook. This comment was from an anonymous poster who called himself "DIECFR".

    Now the opinions of several CFR members, including myself, feel that this "diecfr" is a either a former Ryda or an exiled Ryda, or an associate of both, seeing as they now have their own club. I will post the original post, as is, bad grammar and all for you to review;


"you say your club is about family but your not. family is about family not drugs. no onw wants to be in a club that lies to its people and does drug stuff. the cfr is stupid and liers. they do drugs dont allow women and make you do illegal stuff to join. there are better clubs out there for those in lake county just look around and find a real family club that allows everyone and does things as a family"


    Well, as the Vice President of the Central Florida Rydaz AC, I would like to point out that

1)  a few people within the club may drink, or smoke pot, but NEVER has the Club as a whole been about drugs.


2) We have always been about Family. That is why the CFR events include our wives and children and friends of the Club.


3) We do allow women as part of the Club if their husbands or boyfriends are Rydaz, we are probably even open to the idea of single females joining the CFR, but not in an executive position. This idea was presented to the wives and women only (no votes from the Rydaz, just females) and was voted this way BY the women.


4) The CFR has never lied and will back up anything we say.



5) About the illegal stuff to join, when have we asked a prospect to do anything illegal to join? I welcome comments from Rydaz or current prospects on this topic. In the past during our "street" days we had Taggers (Baggz, Doja, Hash, and Truth) but we have moved on from that, even going as far as to remove Graffiti from businesses if requested. Although surprisingly most don't care and a few local businesses even fly the CFR INSIDE the store on tip jars or in tag form.



6) "there are better clubs out there for those in lake county just look around and find a real family club that allows everyone and does things as a family"  Now this is what makes me think you are who you are, and what club would you be referring too? If your gonna post stuff publicly than at least have the balls to represent you club.You may not be serious about your club or brothers as the CFR are to each other, and that's fine. That just shows why we are as successful and accepted as we are. I would do ANYTHING for my Brothers, most will attest to that, and I know they would do anything for me. We are a Family and must be here to support each other in every walk of life good or bad.



    You post this on our guestbook but wont even have the balls to say who you are. This topic came up at a recent meeting and it was decided that there was not enough proof to show you are who was suspected. But after the way you have reacted and the things you have done, I think your guilty. But that is my personal opinion and not that of the CFRAC, its members or supporters. But leaving guestbook entries and private messages just shows cowardice.


    All that drama aside, I would like to say thank you to all the people who support the CFRAC. We will continue to do what we do and have done to be the longest running Juggalo Crew in Central Florida and the oldest and dominant crew running in Lake County Florida. Please feel free to comment on this (posted on my Notes, or the CFR Facebook) I really want to hear some feedback. I am sorry to keep bringing this person up, but it really vexes me that this comment is on our guestbook for everyone to see, and cast judgement. At least the newest messages are private. Anyways, Much Luv and Respect. CFR Ryde or Die


Thank you everyone,

Draven "DGAF" Mercer

CFRAC V. President

LC Original Chapter