2/12/2011 - REAL Rydaz, Real Family

posted Feb 14, 2011, 2:30 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 8:10 PM ]
Whats up people?,
    Ya know, alot has happened so far this new year, and with the recent drama I touched on with the last post, it feels really good to hang out with my Brothers and their families. I've gone out with a few Rydaz the last few days, to lunch or out for a ride, or the Cookout last night. This is what the CFR is about, and before I get in trouble, I'm speaking on a personal level, and do not necessarily  represent the views of the Club as a whole. That out the way, I will still not reveal the identities of the parties involved.    
    But with all the drama of the past year, and the accumilation with the events of recent. Two former Rydaz who are no longer associated with the club, lets call them Brutus, and Judah, have kind of shown me what it means to be hanging out with REAL family, I am honored and appreciative to be a member of this Club. You guys are the real deal, down for life type of Rydaz. Which brings me to last night!
    Our monthly meeting got started kind of late, and took longer than usual due to the issues being discussed and ate into the cookout, but no worries, We got to see our friends, family and supporters of the club. (Sorry I missed you Blaze Matt, meeting took longer than expected. But we all ate, and hung out. The kids were there, we kinda all connected with each other.
    It was good seeing Hash and riding together. It was Hash's first face to face with Dogboy, who is almost ready to patched over soon. Tha Truth, who has been out in SemCo for a while made his appearance. Awesome news that he and his girl are having a daughter, congrats little brother. We discussed alot that can't or won't be reproduced here, but if your a Ryda and know an idea of the issues it wont be hard to decipher.
    At this moment in time, with the Club membership and coverage territory. We will be running our own show and will continue to represent and support only our community, and each other. We have been in Lake County since 1998, lived, worked and grew up here in the LC. But we are a positive organization for our community, stick pretty much to ourselves (which is why we are so selective of prospects), and support our local businesses who in turn have support for us.
    Also, everyone has there problems, and people change. Sometimes you really think you know someone when they have to do something drastic to show you their real faces. But bygones are bygones, we further on with the best interests of our club and community. There is no reason people can't be friends on a personal level, outside of the club. That is the difference between friends, and Brothers. While it is true, and demonstrated that when you make people uncomfortable or betray them they might not want to be around you as much. I have a friends outside of the Club, Im sure everyone in the CFR does.
    I can say that we will be getting bigger patches for the Colors, it is unfortunate that we are ordering them from outside Lake County, however this is only due to the face that our current supplier can not meet the needs at this time. We will still use them for other services, in fact I am going up there tomorrow for some new decals.
    We also talked about decal regulations of the Club logo and Hatchetman placement on vehicles, but this wont be decided until next month or so, the idea is big hatchetman showing Clown Luv, and a smaller decal showing we are in the CFR. Or Large CFR Colors, such as on the vests with smaller Hatchetmen on the sides. Let me know what ya think, or bring it up next month. There was more discussed, but it was Club Business or personal among the Brotherhood.
    One last kick ass thing to note, is we were interviewed by an Underground Lifestyle type magazine, Myself along with Jesta, Dogboy, and Truth did the interview. When we here back I will post it on here, my FB plus Im sure it will be on the CFR site and CFR Facebook soon as well. Well thats all for me tonight. Got to go spend some time with the Wife and kids for the 14th. Much Much Luv, Ryde or Die, Down for Life. Happy VD....Don't catch one!