2/02/2011 -CFR Brothers

posted Feb 2, 2011, 9:53 AM by Draven Mercer

Unfortunately it is sad when days like this come when your "friends" try and break up circles that have been around for like 13 years. I Love my brothers, this CFR banner we fly stands not only for all the memories, trials and tribulations of our past and all we have been through good and bad. But also to hold together this group of BROTHERS into the future. My Club Brothers have seen my son born, my marriage, helped me through my accident, I’ve seen their children born, helped them through their problems, hell I even performed the wedding of my best friend and Club President Jesta.


What some people don’t understand is we don't just join a club for the sake of joining a club, Ask our prospects; they want in because of who we are, and what we do for each other. ANY ONE of my brothers can call on me at ANYTIME, even 3:00 in the morning and I will be there. I can go to any one of my brothers with my problems, and they can come to me. I enjoy the time with my Club at Concerts to just hanging around the house.


You really don't join a club; you earn your way, to become part of a club. Your club brothers are as close as and become part of your family. Because you where born, with your family. You had no choice in the matter. Your club brothers are your brothers, because you choose them. And they chose you.


Street gangs and clubs have very little in common. Street gangs are mostly, if not completely criminal in nature. Street gangs are communistic, dictatorships. Who control or are trying to control everything in their territory. Many are forced, to join a gang.


Clubs, like the Central Florida Rydaz AC, are not like that. Granted, some in the other clubs are criminals. But, way more than most are not. The club is a democracy; members vote on all club issues and do not interfere with the individual. The club will not make you, sell drugs of guns. The club doesn't want to control everything around us. We just want to be left alone, with out somebody butting in. No one is forced, to become a brother.


So when we lose a brother as we did on 9/5/2010, when our then Sgt at Arms retired, it was kind of a loss because we were losing an active member. However, this member had been in for years and left on good terms. Then all the drama happened that I will not go into detail here, but CFR members know what I'm talking about. Much disrespect and drama. Then recently after he finally made peace with us, he requested to rejoin the Club. Time was taken to meet with him, to inform all the Brothers, to plan the meeting, and let everyone vote him back in.


It then came to light that he was setting either myself, or the Club or both up. and never wanted back in. In fact his other club, which he renounced, was in fact still a part of his plans. THAT is in my opinion and the opinion of others in the Club who i have talked to, direct disrespect and even cowardice on his part. He asks how "What happened to the days where friends where friends no matter what" Well those days are still here, and I see it everyday with the Club. No one here would lie to my face, fake sincerity to everyone else in the club, talk and plan behind their backs, and disrespect the camaraderie and brotherhood that we have for their own selfish gains.



I know this is post is going to piss this person off, that’s why I left the name out of coarse all the CFR know who he is, because his return was the big news for the month, before we were all let down.I REALLY dont mean to start drama, and piss anyone off, should anyone easily offended read this. But on a personal level, I really am hurt my the disrespect to my homies.


To the active CFR who read this, Much Much Clown Luv. I've talked to our Sgt at arms, our President and one of the Prospects in the last few days and I know you were all offended as well, and I apologize for our Family having to go through this. Hope to see everyone on the 13th at the Feb. Cookout and meeting. Bring your families and a guest if you wish, but let us know beforehand so we have enough food. CFR Ryde or Die, Down For Life


-Draven Mercer

CFR V.P. and Founding Member