11/09/10- The Doghouse

posted Nov 9, 2010, 4:17 PM by Draven Mercer

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Whats up everyone, yea its been a LONG time coming since the last post on here, but we been busy n shit.

Anyway its four days deep since this months cookout and meeting, held at Dogboys crib, Im hereby referring to as the Doghouse, lol. The original intention was a cookout out in the OC, but Dogboy wanted to show some dedication for the Club and did a good job hosting. Saw my cousin from Anarchy X, which I haven't seen in a few years, everyone enjoyed some music, some laughs, some may have been enjoying a few drinks or other mind altering substances. Dogboy served up some Kabobs that everyone gave rave reviews to.  We discussed a few topics including our former Sgt of Arms Matric and his new Club, plus a recent verbal attack on the CFR that sounds ALOT like him. However he reached out to both Jesta and I saying it wasn't him, and he is in the process of doing his own investigations, and will get back to us. He has officially extended a desire to make peace and form an alliance of sorts between the Clubs. The offer is currently awaiting a vote from all CFR officers that were not in attendance before being decided one way or another. However there may be a meeting between the CFR and the Dirty Muttz Mud Club (that's what they call themselves) in the next few weeks. The other main bit of news that can be discussed here is that Dogboy is now in the review stage, and after a confidence vote from the Club (including Nomad and out of county), and he pays his prospect fee. He will go to "The Bridge" for his initiation. All Rydaz have gone through this rite of passage and are encouraged NOT to discuss it with him or any other prospects so that the element of surprise is on our side. The Warlocks MC has established a Clubhouse in Tavares, we have known about their presence in Paisley for a while but out there were no real concern to us. Now being in the Triangle area, certain residents and businesses that support the CFR have expressed concerns. We assure everyone that we are not involved with them and intend to coexist. Although the CFR will remain active in the LC area. No worries. Other than that, sorry to take so long between posts and so long after the meeting, pictures will be up sooner or later, we are still trying to figure out a good media outlet to host our pictures. They are on my Facebook if you wish to see them. The next event is in exactly one week and is a Memorial Ride for Mother Brooks of the CFR, this is required and open to members of the LC Family only. Anyone else who is a Ryda and not a member of the LC Family, who wishes to attend please contact me or the President directly and you can come but some support will likely be expected. until next time...Holla!