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9/29/11- A bold new day

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Hashish, DGAF, Dogboy

    Whats up ninjas?
Your homie DGAF Dontgivafuck here, and since this little page is my corner of the website, and my own little dark corner of the interwebz. I'm gonna write this balls to the wall and hope it doesnt offend anyone. 1st of all its been a long time since the website has been updated, not becasue we have been inactive, but because i lost internet and nobody else updates this shit. I'm gonna make a suggestion to find a webmaster soon to keep this shit flowing. But the Club has not been inactive in the least, in fact we are mad busy these days.
    We have been representing the CFRAC at every Street Fest and Cruise In in downtown Eustis. Also as of the other night Dogboy is officially been patched over and is in the process of customizing his bobber. which I would like to say, I think its AWESOME the more bikes we have than cars, I love riding and its good to have Brothers riding. and I'm glad he got a cruiser and bobber rather than a fucking Hairdryer. no offense to Tattoo Dave or Huey who both ride crotch rockets...they are accepted and at least your on two wheels, but cruisers are just my style and as I said....MY blog! lol.

Truth is now needing to get his bike and we will be straight, Tattoo Dave is still considered a Known Associate since he was down in the crew days, but has yet to make a commitment to the Club. our old high school friend Huey has been hanging out a bit more, but hasnt made any effort to join the Club, but supporters are still awesome and appreciated. On to a few things that have been brought up to me lately.


Two, this came up to me in the last few days from a Ryda's girlfriend on why cant chicks be in the Club.
Well, they can be and are accepted into the Club once they are legally married to a full member. but as far as Executive positions, and certain things such as the private meetings, the bridge, and any work we put in they are not allowed.

This is for the womans safety, as well as to protect the innocent from anything incriminating. but also nobody wants them. and yes that sounds sexist, but its not just the guys dont want the girls there all the time, but the majority of the Ryda Wives dont want to be involved in some of the stuff we do. This came up most recently with this girl asking and pressing the issue, but it also came up a month or so ago with former female Rydalettes trying to get back in.

If you were a Rydalette in the past, then we are sorry that your no longer recognized as a full member. if you want membership, date, fuck, and marry a member. Im sorry, but that is the way it was decided by the Club AND the wives of all members at the time of our transition into a Club. its not going to change. At the request of a members wife, i will bring it up at the next meeting, but after discussing it so far with members of the board...its just not gonna happen, and I'd like to cite some references here from this website:

From our Official Club By-Laws:

"The Central Florida Rydaz A.C. and all affiliated chapters, charters and sister Clubs are open to male Rydaz only and wives who are legally married to a Ryda. Long term girlfriends could be an exception and still be accepted by the Brothers and Club as a whole, however even with long term relationship status, absolutely no Club business is to be discussed.
    a) Legally married wives of full member Rydaz are accepted as a part of the CFRAC in all aspects excluding Executive details and voting priviliges. This does not mean their opinions or input are not considered, only that the final vote will come down to the Board.
    b) Ryda Wives as well as children are considered part of the Family, and as such are welcome at any public event such as Car Shows, Cookouts, Rides or any other events. Wives are still expected to represent the Club in a positive light and not to down the Club in any way.
    c) The CFRAC has an ordained Minister/Chaplain on staff and can conduct official ceremonies if needed for a wedding."

From our FAQ Section:

"Why don't you have females in the club?
The option was open to allow females into the club but was voted out by the wives. Also we have had problems in the past with female members, so now the only females considered "part of the Club" are females who are legally married to a Ryda. Although long term girlfriends are also welcomed as long as they are tolerant of the Club. "

and from our Diversity Statement:

"after being put to a vote solely among the female members at the time of the Clubs "official" founding (and completion of Constitution), Only the wives of Accepted Members will be considered a part of the Club. This does not mean however, that girlfriends of members/prospects, or even female associates will be barred from activities. This is a Family Club and open to everyone in a Family. Board Meetings and Club Management however are exclusive to the stipulations set forth by the Club Constitution and Bylaws."

So as you can see, its pretty established, I would hate to offend anyone, but this is the way it is. Hopefully it wont affect your outlook on the Club, but if it does...just dont let it affect your Ryda.

We have been through times in the past where a woman tries to control the Ryda and it never works out. Rydaz are down for life, and in every past instance, the relationship with the anti-social woman ended...not the Club affiliation.

Anyways, who knows when I'll be back, but I am now a moderater on the CFR FACEBOOK so drop me a line there!

Peace and Chicken Grease...

Draven "DGAF" Mercer

7/2/2011 - A long time coming

posted Jul 2, 2011, 5:14 PM by Draven Mercer

    Holy Shizniz! I'm back up in this bitch like a fleet of black trucks (Pigs try to cut me off with Road Blocks, I'm Ryda shooting through the windshield with two Glocks). If you dont get that reference, dont worry about it. lol. Anyways its been a LONG ass time since I've been on here, because I dont have internet anymore. But that doesnt mean that the CFRAC has stopped, or even slowed down. 2010 closed out with some trouble, and drama regarding our former Sgt at Arms and his new Club (details can be seen HERE) and that caused some hurt pride on my side, and I honestly am willing to look past it. Its over and done with, but I know for a fact the majority of the Club took offense to being lied to and the CFR being disrespected. So who knows.. I know our President has reached out to Judas recently on a personal level, as I have also been thinking of doing so..but I wont make the first move. If he wants to make an attempt to reach out to me, on a personal level we can talk about trying to build some bridges, but the disrespect will not be forgotten. As far as The Club goes, I know he will never be welcomed by the CFR as a whole. but I dont want to dwell on that.

-Our Soulja had his kid, welcome to The Family!

-The DJ Doja Sly, Slick, & Wicked Vol. 1 Myxtape is complete and almost ready to be released, featuring Underground favorites by Tech N9ne, Twiztid, ICP, HedPE, Kottonmouth Kings, Boondox and more all Cut & Stitched, Slowed n Throwed or Chopped & Screwed...whatever you call it. This is made to be bumped in the rides of the Rydaz with cars. keep a lookout here on the CFR Website for the release.

-We had the monthly First Friday Street Fest last night, and it sux cuz we promoted the fireworks at dark, but the fireworks were not until after 10pm, and only like 5min long. This was due to the Fire Barge taking on water and sinking, they had to bring in a new barge and more fireworks (only a few it seems). so that sucked. but the overall Street Fest was awesome. Dogboy brought "the Chopper" his current Minibike project, and it was I would say one of the main attractions of the Street Fest, and def the biggest of the CFR. alot of people came by and checked it out, took pictures, asked questions, and its only going to get better when he gets a fresh coat of paint on it and the CFR decals.

Anyways, Cookout/Meeting Sunday the 17th it looks like, keep your eyes peeled on the CFR Facebook for more info on that.

I gotta run, sorry for the long lack in posts, but still no internet so no guarantee on frequency.

-DGAF DontgivaFu*k

2/22/2011 -A message from the Vice President regarding the CFR Guest book

posted Feb 22, 2011, 9:02 AM by Draven Mercer

      Thank you to everyone on the website and CFR Facebook, for all the positive feedback we have received. This Club has been around for 13 years, in one organization or another, and I gotta say the website and facebook has taken this sh*t to a whole new level, and has shown us how much support we really have. I really enjoyed checking in and reading the CFR guestbook, Much luv to all of you, we need your continuing support in who we are and what we do, to help us be our best and supportive for our families and our community. We have received several comments on Facebook and on the Guest book, about how awesome of a Club we have and how positive we are. This coming from Juggalos, non-Juggalos, %1 Bikers, and everyday people.

    The reason I write this for the CFR Website, Guest book and for the CFR Facebook page, is to address a comment left on our facebook. This comment was from an anonymous poster who called himself "DIECFR".

    Now the opinions of several CFR members, including myself, feel that this "diecfr" is a either a former Ryda or an exiled Ryda, or an associate of both, seeing as they now have their own club. I will post the original post, as is, bad grammar and all for you to review;


"you say your club is about family but your not. family is about family not drugs. no onw wants to be in a club that lies to its people and does drug stuff. the cfr is stupid and liers. they do drugs dont allow women and make you do illegal stuff to join. there are better clubs out there for those in lake county just look around and find a real family club that allows everyone and does things as a family"


    Well, as the Vice President of the Central Florida Rydaz AC, I would like to point out that

1)  a few people within the club may drink, or smoke pot, but NEVER has the Club as a whole been about drugs.


2) We have always been about Family. That is why the CFR events include our wives and children and friends of the Club.


3) We do allow women as part of the Club if their husbands or boyfriends are Rydaz, we are probably even open to the idea of single females joining the CFR, but not in an executive position. This idea was presented to the wives and women only (no votes from the Rydaz, just females) and was voted this way BY the women.


4) The CFR has never lied and will back up anything we say.



5) About the illegal stuff to join, when have we asked a prospect to do anything illegal to join? I welcome comments from Rydaz or current prospects on this topic. In the past during our "street" days we had Taggers (Baggz, Doja, Hash, and Truth) but we have moved on from that, even going as far as to remove Graffiti from businesses if requested. Although surprisingly most don't care and a few local businesses even fly the CFR INSIDE the store on tip jars or in tag form.



6) "there are better clubs out there for those in lake county just look around and find a real family club that allows everyone and does things as a family"  Now this is what makes me think you are who you are, and what club would you be referring too? If your gonna post stuff publicly than at least have the balls to represent you club.You may not be serious about your club or brothers as the CFR are to each other, and that's fine. That just shows why we are as successful and accepted as we are. I would do ANYTHING for my Brothers, most will attest to that, and I know they would do anything for me. We are a Family and must be here to support each other in every walk of life good or bad.



    You post this on our guestbook but wont even have the balls to say who you are. This topic came up at a recent meeting and it was decided that there was not enough proof to show you are who was suspected. But after the way you have reacted and the things you have done, I think your guilty. But that is my personal opinion and not that of the CFRAC, its members or supporters. But leaving guestbook entries and private messages just shows cowardice.


    All that drama aside, I would like to say thank you to all the people who support the CFRAC. We will continue to do what we do and have done to be the longest running Juggalo Crew in Central Florida and the oldest and dominant crew running in Lake County Florida. Please feel free to comment on this (posted on my Notes, or the CFR Facebook) I really want to hear some feedback. I am sorry to keep bringing this person up, but it really vexes me that this comment is on our guestbook for everyone to see, and cast judgement. At least the newest messages are private. Anyways, Much Luv and Respect. CFR Ryde or Die


Thank you everyone,

Draven "DGAF" Mercer

CFRAC V. President

LC Original Chapter

2/12/2011 - REAL Rydaz, Real Family

posted Feb 14, 2011, 2:30 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 8:10 PM ]

Whats up people?,
    Ya know, alot has happened so far this new year, and with the recent drama I touched on with the last post, it feels really good to hang out with my Brothers and their families. I've gone out with a few Rydaz the last few days, to lunch or out for a ride, or the Cookout last night. This is what the CFR is about, and before I get in trouble, I'm speaking on a personal level, and do not necessarily  represent the views of the Club as a whole. That out the way, I will still not reveal the identities of the parties involved.    
    But with all the drama of the past year, and the accumilation with the events of recent. Two former Rydaz who are no longer associated with the club, lets call them Brutus, and Judah, have kind of shown me what it means to be hanging out with REAL family, I am honored and appreciative to be a member of this Club. You guys are the real deal, down for life type of Rydaz. Which brings me to last night!
    Our monthly meeting got started kind of late, and took longer than usual due to the issues being discussed and ate into the cookout, but no worries, We got to see our friends, family and supporters of the club. (Sorry I missed you Blaze Matt, meeting took longer than expected. But we all ate, and hung out. The kids were there, we kinda all connected with each other.
    It was good seeing Hash and riding together. It was Hash's first face to face with Dogboy, who is almost ready to patched over soon. Tha Truth, who has been out in SemCo for a while made his appearance. Awesome news that he and his girl are having a daughter, congrats little brother. We discussed alot that can't or won't be reproduced here, but if your a Ryda and know an idea of the issues it wont be hard to decipher.
    At this moment in time, with the Club membership and coverage territory. We will be running our own show and will continue to represent and support only our community, and each other. We have been in Lake County since 1998, lived, worked and grew up here in the LC. But we are a positive organization for our community, stick pretty much to ourselves (which is why we are so selective of prospects), and support our local businesses who in turn have support for us.
    Also, everyone has there problems, and people change. Sometimes you really think you know someone when they have to do something drastic to show you their real faces. But bygones are bygones, we further on with the best interests of our club and community. There is no reason people can't be friends on a personal level, outside of the club. That is the difference between friends, and Brothers. While it is true, and demonstrated that when you make people uncomfortable or betray them they might not want to be around you as much. I have a friends outside of the Club, Im sure everyone in the CFR does.
    I can say that we will be getting bigger patches for the Colors, it is unfortunate that we are ordering them from outside Lake County, however this is only due to the face that our current supplier can not meet the needs at this time. We will still use them for other services, in fact I am going up there tomorrow for some new decals.
    We also talked about decal regulations of the Club logo and Hatchetman placement on vehicles, but this wont be decided until next month or so, the idea is big hatchetman showing Clown Luv, and a smaller decal showing we are in the CFR. Or Large CFR Colors, such as on the vests with smaller Hatchetmen on the sides. Let me know what ya think, or bring it up next month. There was more discussed, but it was Club Business or personal among the Brotherhood.
    One last kick ass thing to note, is we were interviewed by an Underground Lifestyle type magazine, Myself along with Jesta, Dogboy, and Truth did the interview. When we here back I will post it on here, my FB plus Im sure it will be on the CFR site and CFR Facebook soon as well. Well thats all for me tonight. Got to go spend some time with the Wife and kids for the 14th. Much Much Luv, Ryde or Die, Down for Life. Happy VD....Don't catch one!


2/02/2011 -CFR Brothers

posted Feb 2, 2011, 9:53 AM by Draven Mercer

Unfortunately it is sad when days like this come when your "friends" try and break up circles that have been around for like 13 years. I Love my brothers, this CFR banner we fly stands not only for all the memories, trials and tribulations of our past and all we have been through good and bad. But also to hold together this group of BROTHERS into the future. My Club Brothers have seen my son born, my marriage, helped me through my accident, I’ve seen their children born, helped them through their problems, hell I even performed the wedding of my best friend and Club President Jesta.


What some people don’t understand is we don't just join a club for the sake of joining a club, Ask our prospects; they want in because of who we are, and what we do for each other. ANY ONE of my brothers can call on me at ANYTIME, even 3:00 in the morning and I will be there. I can go to any one of my brothers with my problems, and they can come to me. I enjoy the time with my Club at Concerts to just hanging around the house.


You really don't join a club; you earn your way, to become part of a club. Your club brothers are as close as and become part of your family. Because you where born, with your family. You had no choice in the matter. Your club brothers are your brothers, because you choose them. And they chose you.


Street gangs and clubs have very little in common. Street gangs are mostly, if not completely criminal in nature. Street gangs are communistic, dictatorships. Who control or are trying to control everything in their territory. Many are forced, to join a gang.


Clubs, like the Central Florida Rydaz AC, are not like that. Granted, some in the other clubs are criminals. But, way more than most are not. The club is a democracy; members vote on all club issues and do not interfere with the individual. The club will not make you, sell drugs of guns. The club doesn't want to control everything around us. We just want to be left alone, with out somebody butting in. No one is forced, to become a brother.


So when we lose a brother as we did on 9/5/2010, when our then Sgt at Arms retired, it was kind of a loss because we were losing an active member. However, this member had been in for years and left on good terms. Then all the drama happened that I will not go into detail here, but CFR members know what I'm talking about. Much disrespect and drama. Then recently after he finally made peace with us, he requested to rejoin the Club. Time was taken to meet with him, to inform all the Brothers, to plan the meeting, and let everyone vote him back in.


It then came to light that he was setting either myself, or the Club or both up. and never wanted back in. In fact his other club, which he renounced, was in fact still a part of his plans. THAT is in my opinion and the opinion of others in the Club who i have talked to, direct disrespect and even cowardice on his part. He asks how "What happened to the days where friends where friends no matter what" Well those days are still here, and I see it everyday with the Club. No one here would lie to my face, fake sincerity to everyone else in the club, talk and plan behind their backs, and disrespect the camaraderie and brotherhood that we have for their own selfish gains.



I know this is post is going to piss this person off, that’s why I left the name out of coarse all the CFR know who he is, because his return was the big news for the month, before we were all let down.I REALLY dont mean to start drama, and piss anyone off, should anyone easily offended read this. But on a personal level, I really am hurt my the disrespect to my homies.


To the active CFR who read this, Much Much Clown Luv. I've talked to our Sgt at arms, our President and one of the Prospects in the last few days and I know you were all offended as well, and I apologize for our Family having to go through this. Hope to see everyone on the 13th at the Feb. Cookout and meeting. Bring your families and a guest if you wish, but let us know beforehand so we have enough food. CFR Ryde or Die, Down For Life


-Draven Mercer

CFR V.P. and Founding Member

11/09/10- The Doghouse

posted Nov 9, 2010, 4:17 PM by Draven Mercer

Original Post: Ramblings of DGAF ( http://www.cenflrydaz.com/ramblingsofdgaf )

Whats up everyone, yea its been a LONG time coming since the last post on here, but we been busy n shit.

Anyway its four days deep since this months cookout and meeting, held at Dogboys crib, Im hereby referring to as the Doghouse, lol. The original intention was a cookout out in the OC, but Dogboy wanted to show some dedication for the Club and did a good job hosting. Saw my cousin from Anarchy X, which I haven't seen in a few years, everyone enjoyed some music, some laughs, some may have been enjoying a few drinks or other mind altering substances. Dogboy served up some Kabobs that everyone gave rave reviews to.  We discussed a few topics including our former Sgt of Arms Matric and his new Club, plus a recent verbal attack on the CFR that sounds ALOT like him. However he reached out to both Jesta and I saying it wasn't him, and he is in the process of doing his own investigations, and will get back to us. He has officially extended a desire to make peace and form an alliance of sorts between the Clubs. The offer is currently awaiting a vote from all CFR officers that were not in attendance before being decided one way or another. However there may be a meeting between the CFR and the Dirty Muttz Mud Club (that's what they call themselves) in the next few weeks. The other main bit of news that can be discussed here is that Dogboy is now in the review stage, and after a confidence vote from the Club (including Nomad and out of county), and he pays his prospect fee. He will go to "The Bridge" for his initiation. All Rydaz have gone through this rite of passage and are encouraged NOT to discuss it with him or any other prospects so that the element of surprise is on our side. The Warlocks MC has established a Clubhouse in Tavares, we have known about their presence in Paisley for a while but out there were no real concern to us. Now being in the Triangle area, certain residents and businesses that support the CFR have expressed concerns. We assure everyone that we are not involved with them and intend to coexist. Although the CFR will remain active in the LC area. No worries. Other than that, sorry to take so long between posts and so long after the meeting, pictures will be up sooner or later, we are still trying to figure out a good media outlet to host our pictures. They are on my Facebook if you wish to see them. The next event is in exactly one week and is a Memorial Ride for Mother Brooks of the CFR, this is required and open to members of the LC Family only. Anyone else who is a Ryda and not a member of the LC Family, who wishes to attend please contact me or the President directly and you can come but some support will likely be expected. until next time...Holla!

8/17/2010 - Meet Maggie Jones

posted Aug 17, 2010, 2:49 PM by Draven Mercer

Whats up everyone who prob doesnt read this, but its your homie DGAF here, no real updates cuz no meeting I just wanted to share that finally my Bike is outta the shop. Much Props to Tommy over at the Service Dept at Saferide. Coulda been faster service but Tommy was the only one working and it was cheap. (the price, not the work). Anyways this morning I went on a short ride, think i put in a max of 35-40miles, up 44 from Eustis to Royal Trails. Did a ride thru of Royal Trails before coming to Maggie Jones Rd. Now i knew Maggie Jones connected to Paisley but wasnt sure how much was paved or dirt. Well come to find out it is almost ALL dirt. not just clay but Florida sugar sand. Needless to say a bit of a challenge on an almost 500lb bike, and almost lost it in the sand a few times. BEAUTIFUL countryside, too bad i missed most of it battling the sand traps. but at the end I hit pavement and was met by a huge sense of accomplishment by not dropping the bike. now this may sound odd but it was very challenging, had I been on an enduro or something no problem, but the cruiser is just not made for sand. anyways after that it was back towards Umatilla thru Paisley and stopping briefly near Clearwater Lake, enjoyed the ride and made it to Umatilla where I stopped by The Cycle Station for some company and a cold drink. Anyone whos not familier with this place it sells bikes and gear, does repairs and Trike conversions. It also has cold AC, cold drinks, and a comfortable room to relax. Makes a great pit stop and I stop everytime I go through Umatilla and North Lake County. Back to Eustis and then back home. Great day to ride, would have liked to ride some more but I was mainly just test driving the bike. I don't think I'll take Maggie Jones again, but I may make any Prospects reppin a bike to make the run. Anyways Im back on two wheels again, thanks for putting up with this rant...DGAF!

7/5/2010 - Matric Send-off/Farewell Party

posted Jul 5, 2010, 10:26 PM by Draven Mercer

Whats up Ninjas? DGAF Dontgivafuck here with a quick update and some pictures! whoohoo!
Anyways, yea..I got internet now...at least until I cant pay the bill....but I digress;
Its only been a few days since the last meeting and hang out but this was a special gathering to celebrate or wish good luck to CFR Capt and current Sgt of Arms (sounds oxymoronic Capt - Sarge, whatever) who is setting out inapprox 4 days to move to tha GA. yup, red clay boondox lovin, moonshine sippin, dirty fuckin south. and starting an out of state charter for tha CFR. It was announced tonight that he may not be leaving (and we are crossing our fingers he's staying), therefore still with us in the L.C., We also discussed JRoc being exiled, and moving another Hang Around named Tim up to Prospect. Congrats Tim, now we need to find a name for him, any suggestions are welcome, hes kinda a red neck, so sumthin appropriate. Anyways, I showed up late to the party, most people were already there, few were already drunk and the food had to be nuked, but it was fun. We're gonna miss ya Brother ....Long Live The Kings, Rydaz 4 Life
PS- Pix should be up soon under photos, as well as a couple from Xander Springs.

6/26/210 Prospects Cookout - CANCELED

posted Jun 28, 2010, 7:05 AM by Draven Mercer

Whoa, whats up...DGAF Dontgivafu*k here,
ok, so the official event was a Lunch cookout at our Prospect Dogboys house, but due to some unforseen situations...it was cancelled a mere few hours before. However last minute planning by our Prez brought up a Ryde from Jesta's Crib to Lake Idamere park. Now there was no food or cookout (Dogboy had that covered) but the Ride was nice. I rode the bike and the trip around Lake Eustis was nice, the park itself was beautiful with plenty of playgrounds for the kids. I read the park also offers hiking but I did not partake in that activity. Def something to keep in mind for another trip. Anyways we had the meeting even though due to the relocation not all members were present. Heres the run-down
* CFR Prospect J-Roc, who mind you has been down since 2003 but recently demoted back to Prospect due to behavior issues, has OFFICIALLY been placed in Exile. His Sponsor (Sgt of Arms Matric) pulled his support in recent weeks due to continued lies and deception. It was officially put to a vote at this meeting and passed. Now if we can only get ahold of him to take his tattoo. lol
* CFR Capt. Matric will be relienquishing his Sgt of Arms position and moving out of state. I believe he will fly the Nomad flag until he gets enough prospects to form his own chapter, then he will start an out of state chapter/CFR sister club. Good luck on that venture. There will be a going away party at Jesta's Crib on July 5th
*Underground Concert @ Firestone July 6th- (HED)pe, Kutt Calhoun, Johnny Richter and more.
if ya an make it cool...if not, thats cool too, just thought i'd throw it out there. $15/$18door
Aight Y'all I'm out this bitch like the crew of the Columbia.....see ya nxt month.
Draven "DGAF" Mercer

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