Brothers Out-Bad and in Exile

    In the CFR, members are allowed to 'retire' if they are in good standing.  They retain their colors and can attend parties or functions.  However, if a club member leaves a club on bad terms or has committed some kind of betrayal, he is 'kicked out of the club on bad terms.  The term 'out bad is the short reference of such a situation.  If someone is 'out bad', he is not allowed at any Club Functions or to associate with any members on a Club level. While it is not forbidden to associate on a personal level, and it has happened, it is usually discouraged and can tarnish ones reputation. Should someone who has been Out-Bad be seen in public that is not a CFR event, they should be allowed to stay if they want but have no contact with the Club. Out-Bad in the CFR are reduced civilian status. 

    When someone is in Exile, they are not only out in bad standing but exiled from CFR Territories. They are encouraged to move away from Counties in the CFR Brotherhood, should they be unable to move, they are strongly encouraged to stay to themselves and not show their face in public. Should someone in Exile be seen in a public place within a CFR Chapter by CFR Members, they should immediately leave. Should they not leave they may or may not be asked to leave by the CFR in attendance. Refusal to leave may result in a little encouragement by the Sgt at Arms or an Enforcer.

    J-Roc was a member of the CenFL Rydaz since 2003, where he ran a crew in Wildwood called the 440 Boyz. Eventually Roc was brought into the CFR and his crew was patched over into a CFR Chapter for Sumter County. After some shady dealings the 440 was disbanded as a chapter after several law enforcement problems and narcotic drug sales. Roc was busted for possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell, which was the last straw for his chapter.

    After some time and pleading, J-Roc was accepted back into the Club under the condition that the 440 not be associated with him in any way and he not have any more association with narcotics or drug sales in general. J-Roc stayed true to these conditions and was no longer involved in any illegal drugs, however he starting lying in other aspects and started to be caught in lies with Brothers. Until Matric voted he be put back on probation, which he failed and was voted into Exile by Matric and supporting vote by the board.

    J-Roc was the first, and so far only member to be put into Exile. Later he ended up joining up with the Dirty Muttz MC against the CFRAC and was implicated in various attacks on the CFR and slandering.


Judas Cain
       Judas Cain, was originally known as Matric and, was the first member of the Central Florida Rydaz after the founding three members. He was the president of the first and only out-of-state chapter of the CFR called The Brotherhood of Kings, which eventually fell through and he moved back to Florida. after about twelve years of service and Brotherhood. Matric asked the Board for a retirement vote, as he had grown old of the Club Life. A retirement vote is a minimum of five years, so he was more than in eligible, and the vote went through unanimously across the board.

    Around the time of his retirement party, the LC Chapter lost contact with one of the Prospects, which then turned up a few weeks after the Retirement party when Matric re-surfaced as the President of a new Club called the Dirty Muttz MC. Along side him was the former CFR Probate, and the previously Exiled member J-Roc (who was voted exile by Matric, now serving as his Vice President). To add insult to injury, the pictures posted on the Dirty Muttz website of their inaugural meeting and founding party, were taken weeks before his CFR Retirement Party, at a birthday party that ironically no CFR were invited to.  

    After this was brought to light, there was some animosity but officially nothing was done until the CFR was attacked and slandered on the CFR guestbook by a screen name "DieCFR", Judas had once used a similer screen name called "DieLD" (after his old name LD) so it was assumed this was him. At which point there was a sit-down with the CFR President and Vice President, with Judas at the Dirty Muttz Clubhouse. At which time a video was made to show the LC Chapter, where he stated he was sorry for leaving, didn't leave the message, and had disbanded the Dirty Muttz.

    Less than a week later, the Dirty Muttz were back, with "Bullet" (aka Matric, aka Judas) at the helm once again and it was stated the video was a lie. This was the point where the Club Executive Board held a meeting and his Good Standing status was changed to out Bad status. 

The Dirty Mutt war would continue until the CenFL Rydaz emerged victorious. 

    Former CFR Prospect, jumped ship to the Dirty Muttz, status unknown at this time


    "Grimm Reaper"
    Former CFR VCo Reaper VP, led the mutiny of the VCo Chapter resulting in the Volusia Charter being revoked and the beginning of the Reaper War. Reaper and all his reaper crew are considered enemies of the Rydaz.


"The Reaper Crew"
    With the exception of Hash, DGAF, and Yoda. Anyone claiming VCo Reaper Status in Central Florida is to be considered an enemy of the Club.