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CFR LC Family Cookout and Farewell Party

posted Jul 3, 2010, 11:08 AM by Draven Mercer
So here it goes, CFR Sgt of Arms is going off to set up a charter in the Dirty South of GA. It sux to see him leave the L.C. But you do what you need to for your family, and for yourself. We here in the Lake County Home Charter of The CenFL Rydaz wish him and his Family the best and hope he stays true to the values of the CFR. He is staying Nomad until his Prospects are in enough numbers to start the 1st out of state chapter of the CFR. So Give ol' Matric a call and wish him luck, or better yet be at Jesta's Crib Clubhouse Monday July 5th and wish him luck in person. Not only are we losing our Sgt of Arms (interested? talk to your Capt.) But a good brother is leavin the LC. Don't worry, he'll be back monthly or bi-monthly for Club meetings. Holla Holla, see ya Monday
-Draven "DGAF"
***This is not a mandatory meet-up, but please try and make an appearance**