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2/23/2012 -Attention Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR

posted Feb 23, 2012, 4:09 PM by Draven Mercer

        *Attention All Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR*

Attention to all Rydaz: 
Not going into detail until all the facts are straight, before matters are made worse. However recently one of our Brothers was involved in a confrontation with a member of another local Club (Not saying which Club, and we ask if you know to keep the details to yourself while we try and straighten this out)
    This Confrontation is of personal nature, between two grown adults who just happen to be members of different Clubs. As long as the matter remains fair and  between the two parties than it can be settled like men, and not involve members of the Clubs.
This being said however, We stand behind our Brothers, and support them in times such as this.
    We do ask that for the time being, until a sit down can occur (already in the works) just be vigilant, especially if riding alone. Don't cause any trouble but be aware of those around you. We ask if you are gonna be in any bars, take a Brother or two with ya if your flying your Colors, as this seems to be the reasoning for the trouble.

    This weekend, The Club will be involved in the GeorgeFest activities, and we expect a good time for all involved and no problems. The CFR will be in attendance, possibly as well as AnarchyX and Sur13 supporting members. Details and extra security issues will be discussed at the Festival but I am expecting a awesome time with a lot of community interaction. Have Fun Rydaz! 
-Draven "DGAF" Mercer