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posted May 31, 2013, 5:59 AM by Draven Mercer

Updates and Facebook

posted Mar 31, 2013, 3:51 PM by Draven Mercer

The Website has been re-vamped and updated with many new pages and features, however for news and up to date information please vist and LIKE the CFR Facebook page. 

2/23/2012 -Attention Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR

posted Feb 23, 2012, 4:09 PM by Draven Mercer

        *Attention All Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR*

Attention to all Rydaz: 
Not going into detail until all the facts are straight, before matters are made worse. However recently one of our Brothers was involved in a confrontation with a member of another local Club (Not saying which Club, and we ask if you know to keep the details to yourself while we try and straighten this out)
    This Confrontation is of personal nature, between two grown adults who just happen to be members of different Clubs. As long as the matter remains fair and  between the two parties than it can be settled like men, and not involve members of the Clubs.
This being said however, We stand behind our Brothers, and support them in times such as this.
    We do ask that for the time being, until a sit down can occur (already in the works) just be vigilant, especially if riding alone. Don't cause any trouble but be aware of those around you. We ask if you are gonna be in any bars, take a Brother or two with ya if your flying your Colors, as this seems to be the reasoning for the trouble.

    This weekend, The Club will be involved in the GeorgeFest activities, and we expect a good time for all involved and no problems. The CFR will be in attendance, possibly as well as AnarchyX and Sur13 supporting members. Details and extra security issues will be discussed at the Festival but I am expecting a awesome time with a lot of community interaction. Have Fun Rydaz! 
-Draven "DGAF" Mercer

2/22/2012 -GeorgeFest

posted Feb 22, 2012, 10:41 AM by Draven Mercer   [ updated May 31, 2013, 6:13 AM ]

Join the Central Florida Rydaz this weekend, starting Friday night for fireworks and the carnival, in Downtown Eustis for Georgefest 2012.

a little history (from the official website):
The first festival was held on February 22, 1902 on the grounds of the Ocklawaha Hotel. Residents produced a pageant depicting the early history of the State of Florida, the Nation as a whole, and how the Eustis area was settled. Tourists staying at the hotel enjoyed the festival and many visitors from nearby villages came by horse, mule, foot or boat to enjoy the events.

The idea of the festival took hold and were held in subsequent years, gradually growing in scope and acceptance as an event to attend. In later years, people were even brought in by trains for the event. In 1911, the crowd was estimated at about 2,500 – about twice the size of the actual population of Eustis! Today more than 10,000 people attend the annual festival.

Eventually, as the parade and boating elements came into the picture, the activities migrated to the downtown and lakeside areas. Various types of boat races were introduced. When it was time to watch a water event, everyone went to the lake-shore of the city pier at the end of Magnolia Ave. This pier was about where the Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce is now located, before Ferran Park was built.

Thousands continue to turn out to enjoy the multi-day event.  Whether they are there to sample the foods, watch the parade, participate in the various games listen to the live bands, or just enjoy the rides, there is sure to be something for everyone at this full weekend of entertainment.

9/29/2011- A year too late

posted Sep 29, 2011, 2:06 PM by Draven Mercer

Wow...cant believe with all the shit that's been happening over the last year, that nobody has updated the website. We need to find someone who can update the news on a regular basis and has stable internet access. But anyways, on to the news...

-Dogboy has officially been voted in as a full Soulja, ending his very long Prospect period. Congrats to the newest CFR Brother.

-Also since nobody is online to update this regularly, it should just state that over the past year and planning to continue, you can come support the CFRAC twice a month in downtown Eustis in the LC.
    We are at every StreetFest on the first Friday of every month as well as the Cruise-In's

-The CFR Facebook can be reached on the main page of this site, and is a far better way to reach us and recieve notices of rides and events.

Mother Brooks Memorial Ryde - 16-Nov-10

posted Nov 14, 2010, 2:49 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Nov 16, 2010, 9:23 AM ]

Bikers for Boggy, Ride for the Children- 10/07/10

posted Oct 7, 2010, 6:49 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Jul 2, 2011, 5:40 PM ]

Its DGAF's favorite time of year! Bruce Rossmeyer’s Ride for Children, presented by Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson and JM Family Enterprises, with support of The Central Florida Rydaz AC will be held on Sunday, October 10, 2010!

In 1995, Bruce Rossmeyer, owner of Daytona Harley-Davidson became involved with Camp Boggy Creek. After visiting this amazing Camp for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses, he pledged to raise $1,000,000 within ten years. Thanks to the support and help from so many motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Florida and the Southeast, over $3,800,000 has been generated since inception.

The Ride continues to grow every year and not only raises dollars but much needed awareness of the Camp. Last year’s Ride netted almost $300,000 for the kids of Camp Boggy Creek. None of this would be possible without the generous sponsors, supporters, riders, volunteers and employees of Daytona Harley-Davidson who make this great Ride possible furthering the mission of Camp Boggy Creek.

Past Grand Marshals have included Paul Newman, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Kyle Petty, Lorenzo Lamas, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Orange County Choppers - Paul Sr. and Paul, Jr., Arlen Ness, Eddie Trotta, Roland Sands, Jesse Rooke, the late Johnny Chop, James Gandolfini and Aida Turturro of the Sopranos, Billy Lane, Vinnie DiMartino and Cody Connelly, Dave Perewitz, Shannon Burke and the Monsters of the Morning from Real Radio 104.1 and Frank Scott of WHOG 95.7 Radio.

Saturday night before the Ride, the “Bruce Rossmeyer Roundup” party hosted by Destination Daytona and event sponsors allows all VIP Riders to pick up credentials the night before the Ride.

Two packages are available for purchase;

VIP Rider Package! Rider $300 / Passenger $275
Limited to first 200 paid participants!! (Not 200 bikes, this includes riders and passengers)
  • Ticket to the Invitation Only Bruce Rossmeyer Ride for Childeren Roundup on Saturday 10/9/10
  • Live Performance by National Recording Artist, Cal Ecker Band at the Roundup on Saturday 10/9/10
  • National Recording Artist, Cal Ecker CD,
  • 16th Annual Ride for Children Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 16th Annual Ride for Children goodie bag stuffed with ride goodies, i.e: can coolers, bumper stickers, Boggy Creek patch, Boggy Creek hat (click here to view), etc. Sponsor souvenirs.
  • Lead position in the police escorted Ride to Camp Boggy Creek.
  • Ride T-Shirt
  • Ride Event Pin.
  • Ride Patch
  • Fabulous steak lunch from Outback Steakhouse.
  • Live entertainment at Camp! Live and Silent auction at Camp! Free Coca-Cola products, Miller Beer & Newman’s Own Lemonade!

Regular Rider Package - Rider $50 / Passenger $50*

  • Police escorted Ride to Camp Boggy Creek!
  • Ride T-Shirt
  • Fabulous steak lunch from Outback Steakhouse
  • Live entertainment at Camp!
  • Live and Silent auction at Camp!
  • Take tours of Camp Boggy Creek!
  • Free Coca-Cola products, Miller Beer & Newman Lemonade!
Any Central Florida Rydaz or supporters of the CFR who wish to attend, please contact Draven Mercer at to receive a special package!

Changing of the guard... 9/6/2010

posted Sep 6, 2010, 7:19 AM by Draven Mercer

Well last night was the "official" Meeting and Sept. Cookout, tho Jesta announced he wants at least one more this month. (date TBA)
The major news as of last nights meeting is as follows:

*After much in/out move/stay tribulations from CFR Sgt at Arms Matric, he has officially requested a Retirement Vote from the Board and received a unanimous vote across the board. So farewell to Matric aka Trash, its been a long time and you have been there the longest outside of The Founding Three, we wish you Happy Trails.

*CFR Founding Member Hashish was nominated to be the new Sgt. at Arms, and received unanimous votes. So CenFL Rydaz, Please welcome your new Sgt. At Arms....HASHISH

*DGAF Announces Charity Poker Run (Cars also Welcome);
“Bike with the Knights” second annual charity poker run:
Sept. 18, 10 a.m., sign-in at Safe Ride, Eustis; 10:30 a.m.
Sidelines, Mount Dora;
Blackwater Inn, Astor;
Crazy Gator, Eustis;
Vincent’s Italian Restaurant,  Mount Dora / Tangerine
 last bike in; 2:30 p.m.
Autos also welcome to participate.  Live music, all food 20 percent off. Cost: $15 per rider; $5 per passenger, includes light breakfast at sign-in, poker hand (extra hand is $5). Register before Sept. 4 for free bandanna. For information, call 352-742-9618 or 352-516-1508.

*CFR Club Support Store has new merch, a whole plethora of CFR Support goodies for you to support. Hoodies, Shirts galore! Stickers, buttons, magnets (how do they work?), and yes facebook followers.....there IS a CFR Support Thong! so show off that ass!

*Thank you to anyone who visits the guestbook (even the haters)

*Discussions were made about changing the CFR colors (not the logo, but possible rocker or other mods. but as of yet none have been made official.

*CFR Soulja Tha Truth is now expecting a kid, and following CFR tradition I'm thinking it will be a girl.

*Truth is also still expected for JobCorps but the date has been moved to next month.

I believe that's the vast majority of news i can post online, but whatever. Thanks to my CFR Brothers my bike is running again, not 100% but it goes, so I'm quick to get off here....the road awaits, peace.

New Ish Yall! -9/1/2010

posted Sep 1, 2010, 12:21 PM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Sep 1, 2010, 4:25 PM by Jesta Clown ]

Just quick news update, this Sunday (9/5/2010) all Rydaz come out to the LC Clubhouse (Jestas Crib) for this months meeting, followed by a cookout and get together for Matrics Birthday. also the website now has a few new features (which I worked pretty hard on, so show me some freakin appreciation!)

*Diversity Statement
*New Rank added for Supporter
*The Meaning of our Colors
* Club Store (currently not open, but its a BETA of sorts, check it out!

more to come too, in between job applications i am doing this to keep myself sane!

-VP Draven Mercer

Aequitas 8/21/10

posted Aug 21, 2010, 9:47 AM by Draven Mercer   [ updated Aug 23, 2010, 10:52 AM ]

So its currently Aug 21st, The rundown of this months news and upcoming news is as follows;
*As of Aug 9th, CFR Soulja Tha Truth had an appointment for JobCorps orientation, now noone has heared from his since, and after the support (both encouragment and providing room and board) of The Rydaz leading up to the Appt.,  We here at the CFR hope he attended and is currently enrolled, however at this time he is not in contact.
*Our current Sgt of Arms has been thinking of possibly retiring from the CFR AC, Although Matric is not a founding member of the CFR, he was the 1st member after the Trio was abolished (making him the 1st member of the CFR). Although the decision has not been made yet, we support him in the fullest on his desision but hope he decides to stay with us. After a decision has been made on his part he will have to be voted out at the next meeting.
*CFR Prospect Dogboy has reached his Minimum Three-month trial period, as directed in the Bylaws but still needs to attend 6 events and pay his Prospect fee before being voted in by The Board. However he is one step closer to getting his Crossed Hatchets. On anothe good note, Dogboy is now a proud Father as of June 27th to a beautiful baby girl! Congrats Dogboy!
*Draven"DGAF" Mercer (under the name of DJ Doja) Is working on a Mixtape which will hopefully be released here on the CFR Website for free! It is a Juggalo Collection Chopped and Screwed, Featuring (so far), Boondox, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings and more TBA A Promo for this CD can be viewed HERE. Also He will be officially re-releasing his Dark Lotus; Through the Looking Glass Hallowicked CD this Halloween.
*ATTN Rydaz! Sgt of Arms Matric is having a birthday at the end of this month and we will be having a party w/mandatory meeting around the beginning of the month of Sept. Details can be obtained by contacting your Capt or checking back here at the CFR Website. Location will be the LC Clubhouse.
  • ICP to go out on new tour later this year. Tour is titled "The Old Shit" and will ONLY feature music from their releases up until The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.
  • Bang! Pow! Boom! was the first of an entire new set of 6 Jokers Cards. Violent J refered to it as the "Second Deck". The second Jokers Card from this new series of albums will be unveiled at this years Hallowicked show in Detroit.
  • Psychopathic Records has bought a building in Novi, Michigan and beginning later in the year, will be hosting bi-weekly wrestling shows there for free for a long time to come. The intention is to have a permanent on-going wrestling show edited and put out online every two weeks.
  • Sometime in the near future, Psychopathic Records plans to break a world record in Detroit and will be inviting all Juggalos to take part. As of right now, there is no word on what the record will be or when exactly it will be taking place, but everybody will be given plenty of notice before it goes down.
  • Mike E. Clark's Murder Mix Vol.2 will be out November 9th.
  • AMB set to release a new album entitled "The Garcia Brothers" possibly later this year, or the beginning of next year.
  • Boondox has a Myspace contest for Juggalo rappers to send in a track, best one gets Boondox appearance for free!
  • Yung Dirt (Boondox Ryda name) Solo album and tour possible in the near future.
  • New Psychopathic Rydas album by aXe-Mas!

 *And now, our response to the recent attack on Tila Tequila at this years Gathering of The Juggalos. For anyone that might not have heared, Tila performed (for some reason) at the Gathering, even after weeks leading up to the show when Juggalos said we didnt want her. After coming onstage she claimed she was attacked by beer bottles (even tho no glass is allowed at the Gathering), and rocks by over 2000 Juggalos. (however on the video there was nowhere near 2000 people at her set) and chased to her trailer where her and her security were in fear of their life. Now the facts seem distorted (in an interview afterward she said there was no trailer). But either way this gives Juggalos a bad name in the media. It is the response from the Club that this in a view of events that may or may not have happened in the context it was portrayed, but nonetheless should not represent Juggalos or the CenFL Rydaz. We here in the CFR are Juggalos and attend concerts (which do get violent and rowdy) but would never condone attacking anyone in this manner, a formal statement will be released by our President after he is cought up and reviewed the situation. following is a few references;

Although what happened to Tila Tequila at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is extremely unfortunate, Juggalo Gathering, LLC and Insane Clown Posse are not responsible. Ms. Tequila was made aware, in advance, of her unpopularity with many Juggalos at the Gathering, but she insisted on performing.

She was even paid in full before her performance, and was told that she did not have to perform, but if she did decide to perform, she could leave the stage the minute that she felt uncomfortable. Gathering's head of security told her that it was unsafe to go on stage, and recommended that she leave the Gathering grounds. Despite warnings and already being paid without being required to perform, Ms. Tequila made the decision to go onto the stage and perform. As soon as her show started the crowd began to boo heavily and throw garbage. It was immediately obvious that she was not welcome. Her injuries were only sustained because of her refusal to leave the stage. After several minutes, she even removed her top, exposing herself, which seemed to mock and further antagonize the crowd. Finally, Gathering security pulled her off of the stage. Soon after, she was escorted to her car, and was driven safely off of the Gathering grounds.

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