How To Hatchet Ryde

    We as a Club frequently travel together, whether a group of Rydaz going to the mall or a show, or a designated ride, called in this club a "Ryde". As an "Auto Club", there may be times when everyone in the party is in a Car, or everyone on bikes, or a mixture of both. he common factor on ANY CFR Ryde is that every vehicle (should) display the Hatchetman and/or Club Colors. This is why we coined the term "Hatchet Ryding" and we assure you, there is little to compare to the feeling of rolling up to a show or event or wherever, with a row of cars, everyone displaying a Hatchetman. Likewise, its a good entrance to arrive in this fashion, lets people know that the CFR has arrived.

Listed below are the three scenarios that will arise during Club Functions that require travel, or any time the Club Rydes together. Click on each one to see the guidelines and recommendations of each.

  1. CARS ONLY - All Vehicles in formation are four wheeled cars/trucks/vans etc...
  2. MOTORCYCLES - All Vehicles in formation are of two or three wheeled bikes/trikes
  3. MIXED RYDE - Vehicles in formation are of either variety, cars and bikes.
Please Read and become familiar with all three, as they are all related, and should be viewed as one set of direction.