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VP Statement regarding the DMMC

The following is an official statement from CFR V.P. Draven "DGAF" Mercer, on the events that transpired earlier last year leading to the feud with the Dirty Muttz MC, and was written to try and end any more speculation on the subject.

"The retirement of our former Sgt at Arms, then known as Matric, came after a unanimous vote of confidence from the CFR Board of Directors granting an Honorable Retirement from the Club after over ten years of service. This was put to vote after an interest in retirement was put forth by Matric himself. There was no cohesion on behalf of the Club, in fact it was seen as our Club losing a valuable member.

This is why it came to such a shock to both the Club membership and myself when it was discovered that he had aligned himself with another Club that had been founded with his assistance and implied leadership while still serving the CFR. Following his departure, we saw the defection of CFR Soulja J-Roc and CFR Prospect BADD into leadership positions within the Dirty Muttz M.C. (DMMC).

While this did create a period of hostility and ill feelings within the ranks of the CFR, it should be stated that it was actions perpetuated by other members of the DMMC that led to the DMMC having the perceived “Rival” status. This feud was fueled by various encounters and verbal attacks on the CFR. None of these attacks have been directly linked to Matric, and within the past year the DMMC has disbanded and is now no longer recognized by the CFRAC.

Matric approached both Jesta and myself via the phone and email to plead his case that he himself was going through some tough personal times, and the feud was not led by himself but more by other members within the Club. I personally cannot comment here on the opinions of other CFR Officers or members within our great Brotherhood. I have heard the opinions in person from nearly everyone and while I know where the majority of the Club stands, it would be inappropriate to speak on their behalf on such a personal issue.

I would like to state, that I myself, was hurt possibly the most by the “War” with the DMMC because I was attacked personally as well as my family. However, that being said I would like to state that I have been through a lot with Matric and at one time was proud to call him a brother. While other members of the Dirty Muttz and the other CFR Traitors will likely never be in my good standing again, I am not counting out rebuilding a friendship with Matric. Obviously damage has been done, and trust must be regained, but at this point there is no talk of rejoining the Club, so I will only state my personal stance on a friendship level.

I hope he takes into consideration the actions of Roc and his other cohorts before making some major mistakes in his life. My door is always open, and at some point in the future I’m sure a reconciliation may be possible. Finally, before I close out this statement, officially I believe that the DMMC “war” is an unfortunate event in our history, but a defining one none the less and has helped our Club grow from it."

CFR Ryde or Die

Draven “DGAF” Mercer
CFRAC V.P. LC Family