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Central Florida Rydaz Support Information

Who does the CenFL Rydaz Support?
    The Central Florida Rydaz do not Support any other Club at this time. in 2010 when we incorporated our new Bylaws we had a sitdown with members of the Warlocks MC out of Lockhart Florida, merely as a sign of respect, since Lake County was Warlock Territory. The offer was extended for us to wear a Warlock Support patch on our Colors, but was voted a majority against at a CFR Club meeting.
    The CenFL Rydaz currently has 4 physical chapters and a Nomad/Independent Chapter with members across the country. Some of these CFR charters are in the boundaries of different 1% MC's and respect is given to all. 
-Our Mother Chapter is located in Lake County and is in Warlock Territory, 
-The Orange County Charter is in Warlock Territory, but is a majority car chapter.
-Our Seminole County Chapter is based out of Sanford/Altamonte and is in Warlock Territory.
-Our Volusia Chapter is based out of Daytona Beach, which is Outlaw Territory.

    Some individuals within our Brotherhood, support different 1% on an individual basis, either due to their Chapters dominate or personal reasons. But it is known and expected that the CFRAC comes first. So if you see a CFR Patchholder or member wearing a Support Your Local Outlaws/Warlocks/Mongols/etc... This is NOT the stand of the Club as a whole. 

Respect All, Fear None

How can I Support the CenFL Rydaz?

    You can buy and wear our CFR Support Gear. Simple and cheap Support Gear can be found at our online Support Store , This gear is simplest and not the most fashionable, but it is cheapest as the Club receives 0% of the money. Everything on the webstore is baseline and we only get Support if you wear it. More Support Gear may be available at the Clubhouses, Club Cutlass, or any events we are putting on or attending (limited numbers available and not always in stock)
    Also it is common that Supporters wear either Red and Black color schemes, Black bandannas, or Psychopathic merch usually featuring a Hatchetman, as the Hatchetman (not owned by the CFR) is a common identifying symbol of the Club due to our Juggalo past. You do not have to be a Juggalo to represent the Hatchetman for the Club as many non-Juggalos still identify the symbol with the CenFL Rydaz.


Do you have any Support Clubs?

     At this time, the Central Florida Rydaz Support Crew is Anarchy-X, which is currently NOT accepting new members due to a decree from the A-X President Blaze. We were in talks of accepting the Tunnel Runners as a Support Club, as they are national, but at this time they are NOT official. 
    At one time it was brought up that the Dirty Muttz MC was a Support of the CenFL Rydaz AC. This is and was NOT the case. The Dirty Muttz was founded by a former Ryda, known now as Judas, behind the backs of the CFR. The DMMC took members from us and disrespected the Club as a whole as well as members of our executive board directly. This caused a short but emotionally heated "war" that ended with the disbanning of the DMMC. For a complete list of all CFR Support Clubs past and present visit our link below.