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CFR Graffiti Removal Project

We as a Club are trying to better ourselves and our community, however before this current organization of the club, we did have a "street" or even possible "gang" image. Members of the club back then were young, and not well organized. Now with the official formation of the CenFL Rydaz as an organized club, our past still comes to haunt us at times. There were many tags and CFR Graffiti around Lake, Orange, Seminole and even surrounding areas. All but a small handful of tags have been removed from exterior buildings, or owners of properties were made aware with no complaint. The largest number of remaining tags tend to be in restrooms and private properties. There has been an Official ban on tagging within the crew, though the bathrooms and such were a gray area. The Vice President of the CenFL Rydaz, Draven Mercer, has taken full responsibility of the tags and allowing the tags to be made. Sometimes it may be old time members, still caught in foolish ways, or prospects with the misguided notion that tagging will favor their promotion and acceptance of the Club. If you are a property manager, or just a concerned citizen and see the CFR graffiti in the area, please notify the Club by emailing at the address below. Once a tag has been verified by the Club to be a CFR, it will be removed to the best of our ability or painted over at our cost, by a member or prospect of the Club. Note however only the CFR and related tags will be removed by us. Please take the apology and trust the promise made by CFR V.P. Draven Mercer, that there will be NO more tags by CFR members in the future, actions will be taken on any "artists" further using the CFR logo or likeness in a manner that could be seen as vandalism, or gang related.
Complaints concerning graffiti may be e-mailed to: complaints@CenFLRydaz.com

IMPORTANT: If you see graffiti in progress call 911.

The Central Florida Rydaz will remove/paint out graffiti and/or provide supplies, including paint, at NO cost to property owners and neighborhood organizations.

Information to submit in email;

  • Subject line should read "Tagging" or similer phrase to increase response time.
  • Be prepared to give a specific address or location.
  • Describe the location of the graffiti - When a Member comes out for removal, will he have to get out of the vehicle to see the graffiti? Is it on the sidewalk side of a mailbox? Is it on the back side of the back wall of a property?
  • Describe the surface the graffiti is on, if possible. For example, gray block wall, white stucco, beige utility box, etc.
  • Leave your name and number, in case the Club needs help locating the graffiti