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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Several members may have a patch on the front of the vest that says "Founder." How come you have so many founders and not just one?
The Club was basically born out of a three member crew from Lake County called The Unholy Trio, consisting of Jesta, Draven, and Hashish. Soon after many others began hanging out with the crew and the "trio" name was no longer valid. This is when the crew name of CenFL Rydaz and the CFR logo were made. The original Trio are considered the founders. Also instead of "founder", a patch could say "original" or "unholy trio"

Why don't you have females in the club?
The option was open to allow females into the club but was voted out by the wives. Also we have had problems in the past with female members, so now the only females considered "part of the Club" are females who are legally married to a Ryda. Although long term girlfriends are also welcomed as long as they are tolerant of the Club.

Do you allow vehicles other than bikes in the club?
Yes, this is considered an Auto Club and in fact only 3 members ride motorcycles. One of our prospects even rides a 49cc chopper bicycle. We are very open to different automobiles. In some ways this is even more on a Social Club at times.

Isn't having different types of vehicles in the club a problem? Aren't there different styles of "riding" for cars and bikes?

Yes, having cars or even different types or classes of bikes do tend to lend themselves to different riding styles. The Central Florida Rydaz A.C. however, tends to see this more as an opportunity to learn more about group riding and an opportunity to expand one's horizon's or comfort zone rather than seeing it as an outright problem. Also, when we ride as a group we adopt a specific style mixing bikes and cars. When not riding with the group (club), people can ride however they wish.

Do you consider yourselves a "1%' Club or Outlaw Club?

No, we as a Club consider ourselves a Family oriented Club for the most part. We do listen to music and attend concerts that may not be appropriate for children, but the main focus of our events are cookouts and spending time with our families. It has been reported that the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) stated that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, and the last one percent were outlaws. Thus was born the term "one percenter." The CFR is NOT a One Percent Club, however our members are trusted to govern themselves in a positive light and reflect the CFR in a positive image, but cannot be enforced by the club when members are solo.

Do you have a clubhouse?
Yes and No. We have a house which is owned by the current President and used for meetings and parties (As well as temporary housing for members if needed), however this is his personal home as well and is only open to CFR members and special invites. We also have a secondary location called Club Cutlass used for larger parties as it is better equipped for such events. We do not currently have a public clubhouse and as of right now no plans are in motion to acquire one. Unless you have a nice building you want to donate to us?

Will I need to prospect first if I want to join your club?

Yes. Before prospecting you'll also need to spend some time as a "hangaround" to the club before being extended an invitation from the Club to Prospect. Once this invitation is accepted you become a prospect until your minimum requirements are met then you must be voted into the Club as a full Member. The "Ranks" page of the site that gives a little more information about this process.

Will I need to do illegal or criminal things while a prospect?

Did you know that jaywalking is illegal? Anyway, we get your drift. The answer is no. We are a law abiding Club with intentions of bettering our communities. At one time tagging the CFR was an accepted practice but that was the only illegal thing tolerated in the past, but now is strictly prohibited. There has been some recent Slander against the Club, possibly meant to discourage support for the CFR. But we assure you, with the backing of our Officers, that the hateful remarks were unjustified and possibly put out by a disgruntled former member or associates.

On the Ranks page it talks about hangarounds and prospects showing "respect" to full patch members and such. What's up with that? Are Hangarounds and Prospects treated as some sort of second class citizens? That sounds messed up to me.
What will be good for you to understand is that if you become a Hangaround or a Prospect with the CFRAC, you are aligning with a private organization/club with its own culture and state of mind and one that has been carefully cultivated by those Full Members who, if you are voted in, will be your club brothers. These individuals have built this organization from the ground up and respect for them and what they've built seems appropriate. However, because we are as a club, also trying to create something unique in the club world (Cars and Bikes co-existing peacefully) we're not at all interested in treating anyone like second class citizens and we certainly aren't interested in humiliating people in the Hangaround and prospecting process--that's not our style. Will you be expected to get drinks for members? Wash Cars? Serve Food, stuff like that? Yea maybe, but in this Club showing "respect" is not a bad, demeaning or harsh thing. If you still have questions ask or communicate with any of our hangarounds and/or prospects and let him tell you of their experience with this.

How long is your prospecting period?
There is a minimum three-month trial period under the sponsorship and guidance of a Member in which a prospective member attends runs, meetings and cookouts. The prospective member must ride or attend events (other than cookouts) at least 6 times. After this time a Prospect is reviewed and decided privately (Prospect not in attendance) by the Board on the decision to promote the Prospect. At this point there are requirements set forth by our Bylaws that must be met, and then it is put to a vote.

You state you are a club very "Juggalo" oriented, what is a "Juggalo"?
Yes, This Club was founded by three Juggalos, 9 outta 10 members are Juggalos in one way or another, and that 10th one is prob still "Down with the Clown" as we call it. Juggalos have always gotten a bad rep, especially in the media today. But a Juggalo is a fan of The Undergound and listens to Psychopathic Records (the origin of Juggalo came from here), Strange Music, Suburban Noize and other music labels that promote the Juggalo lifestyle. You do not have to be a Juggalo to join, but it helps (cuz you'll be hanging out with a buncha Juggalos). For more information on Juggalos we have posted an official release from Psychopathic Records HERE or on the navigation menu to your left labeled "Juggalo?"

My girlfriend says all Juggalos are thieves, gang members and scum. Is she right?

Hmmm, thinking its time to look into finding a new girlfriend, Alright, I just want to clear a few things up a little bit for you ignorant haters. Check your facts, icp is not racist, satanic, or rednecks. If you actually pay attention to what they say, you would know that they are not, and all that, is actually stuff they hate. Not all Juggalos drink, smoke, are overweight, or are any other of the ignorant stereotypes we have to put up with, and we definitely don't try to be black, or any race other than what we are, and we aren't posers, Juggalos have accepted and take pride in who we are. We don't always bitch about being screwed over by life, when we get screwed over, we just accept it and make the best of it. We don't worship the ICP or the rest of the psychopathic artists as some of you assholes claim. We don't gang up on people in fights, and we are not just mere fans, we are a family bound together by the music we listen to, and our similarity in likes and dislikes, it's hard to explain really. We can listen to ANY music we want to, being a Juggalo is not about the music, it's about the way of life. Now, everyone has their own reasons for hating us, but for those of you that hate us because we listen to icp, reflect on that statement for a moment, and you'll realize how stupid it is to hate someone because of the music they listen to. We are all family, but most people don't see anything more than the "bad language". Respect is a huge thing to juggalos/juggalettes, because we look past haters and still live our life. We are the strongest kind of family and help each other in anyway possible. We are about no racism, and no domestic violence, but no one listens long enough to hear past just the words. When people commit crimes in the name of ICP or Juggalos, it's nothing more than these people not taking responsibility for their actions, and blaming it on a somewhat easy target. Being a juggalo/juggalette is more than just being a fan of Psychopathic Records, it's a lifestyle.

How long does it take to become a member?

As long as it needs to. We don't have a set time frame etched in stone. Come check us out, attend some shows with us, share a few laughs with us and we'll go from there.

How do I join?
Like all Clubs, if ya wanna be one.....ya gotta ask one. (unless the offer is extended to you)