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1 Percent

Are the Central Florida Rydaz AC a 1% Club?

No, as stated in our FAQ Section"

"Do you consider yourselves a "1%' Club or Outlaw Club? 
No, we as a Club consider ourselves a Family oriented Club for the most part. We do listen to music and attend concerts that may not be appropriate for children, but the main focus of our events are cookouts and spending time with our families. It has been reported that the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) stated that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, and the last one percent were outlaws. Thus was born the term "one percenter." The CFR is NOT a One Percent Club, however our members are trusted to govern themselves in a positive light and reflect the CFR in a positive image, but cannot be enforced by the club when members are solo. " 

The CFRAC as a whole is NOT a 1% Club or organization, and does NOT engage in Criminal activities as a whole. We do NOT condone or encourage any Member, Prospect, Supporter, or Associate to engage in any activity that might be seen as "Criminal" in nature. We are a Family Club that may consist of members with criminal records or who have done tings in the past, But we gather under the CFR Hatchets to further ourselves and our families as a positive influence to our communities.

Some members of our Club, could be considered "1%" by definition, but only on a personal level. A Member may have 1% tattoos, or jewelry, or otherwise represent the 1% lifestyle but at this time there is not, or will not be a 1% diamond on the CenFL Rydaz Colors.