Diversity Statement

The Central Florida Rydaz Auto Club is founded on a number of principles important to us. Diversity is one of these principles and it is one of the chief principles of this organization. We live in a world where diversity has become a popular phrase, used and invoked by many. Often it is used by those who do not understand the full scope of the word or its broader implications or who intentionally limit its application. The CFR does not view diversity as a "pick and choose" concept. We are open to all diverse groups and we use the broadest possible definition of diversity when we speak of our value of being a diverse organization. Given this understanding, the CFRAC is first and foremost open to people of all types and brands of cars or motorcycles. We are open to prospective members of all races, ethnic groups, sexual preference, ages (18+ for legal reasons), lifestyles and life experience. However at this time, after being put to a vote soley among the female members at the time of the Clubs "official" founding (and completion of Constitution), Only the wives of Accepted Members will be considered a part of the Club. This does not mean however, that girlfriends of members/prospects, or even female associates will be barred from activities. This is a Family Club and open to everyone in a Family. Board Meetings and Club Management however are exclusive to the stipulations set forth by the Club Constitution and Bylaws.