DFU Underground Music -Interview with the CFRAC

A new start up Magazine and E-Zine strictly for the Underground, called Da Fux Up Underground Music, debuted their first issue on Monday March 21st. This debut issue showcased a gang of underground artists and an interview/showcase of none other than, The CenFL Rydaz A.C.! Below is the article, enjoy and support DFU Music, just as they support the CFRAC.


Juggalos ROLL OUT!!!!

I got an exclusive interview with a Central Florida Motorclub!!! This isn’t your typical
Little Rascal’s clubhouse; check these real life rydas out!!!!

This Interview was done at the Central Florida Rydaz A.C., Febuary Meetup at "The Dog
House" in Lake County, Florida.

CFR Club President; "Jesta"
CFR Club Vice President; Draven "DGAF" Mercer
CFR Soulja; "Tha Truth"
and CFR Prospect; "Dogboy"

1. WHOOP WHOOP So tell me how does it feel to be interviewed by Da Fux Up Magazine?

JESTA: It’s fresh as hell! We’re starting to be noticed more and more, but an official mention in
a Juggalo magazine is beyond words kick-ass!

DGAF: Pretty fresh I guess, honestly not familier with it, but we need an Underground magazine
to represent the Juggalos and underground in general. Rep tha Hatchet, Spade, or Snake & Bat.
Plus its an honor to be interviewed...Whoop Whoop!

TRUTH:Fresh as the Lotus. Never had an official interview so this is sweet!

DOGBOY: I am honored that your magazine has an interest in the CFR

2. You have one hell of an awesome club!! What made you decide to create or join this club?

JESTA: We started out as The Unholy Trio, back in the day (even before we realized we were
Juggalos). We were small in the beginning, but kept growing. Eventually we decided that we
wanted to become official, but we didn’t want the drama associated with a gang designation, so
after some thought we decided on an Auto Club. We all either drive or ride, so it seemed like the
best path.

DGAF: Well, We originally started it since we were the only Juggalos in the area and to hang
out after high school, but its evolved into what it is today over the last thirteen years. We used
to have a more "street gang" image and more of a negative image. We are currently working
to make a more positive impression of ourselves and Juggalos in general, what with all the bad
press lately. We are considered an "Auto" Club since we have cars and motorcycles. Hell, one
of our Prospects makes mini bikes out of like pedel bikes. Its really just a banner we fly, I see us
more as a social club and a reason to hang out with our families and each other.

TRUTH: The club pretty much found me, and I fit it perfectly. I really needed a crew that I can
fit into and the club is all about family and chillin. Everyone needs homies to make it in the
world today.

DOGBOY: I didnt create the Club, but am currently Prospecting for the CFRAC. I am a Juggalo
and was accepted by the Club. They have become Brothers to me. CFR Family.

3. Juggalos, Cars, Bikes what more could you ask for! How many members does this club have?

JESTA: It depends on whether you count hang-arounds. CFRAC has five members currently
(including those waiting on their patches), but including hang-arounds and supporters we number
over twenty.

DGAF: At our height we were over 30 members in 4 counties. A year ago we purged all but the
inner circle we call The LC Family, and started over and currently have Fully Patched Rydaz in 3
counties, plus Supporters and Prospects in an additional 2 counties.

TRUTH: I have no real headcount so I can't say for sure.

DOGBOY: As a prospect I usually only chill with the LC Chapter. I know we have members in
Seminole and Volusia Counties, and the federal prison system, but I don't see these members as
much at this point in my Club involment.

4. Do you hold events and how many events is there a year?

JESTA: Our by-laws state that there is at least one meeting and barbeque per month, but we try
to gather as much as possible. We often meet up without a specific goal in mind, just because we
feel like it!

DGAF: We hold cookouts and family trips typically once a month minimum. Also we support
local charity events throughout the year.

TRUTH: The better part of a quarter of the year is taken up by meetings and or hangouts here
and there.

DOGBOY: We meetup a few times a month for cookouts, car shows and street festivals

(At this time Dogboy had to do something, and did not finish the interview)

5. How do you get to be a member of the club?

JESTA: Hang-arounds (or what I call Homies of the CFR) get to know the CFRAC and our
way of life. Once a hang-around expresses interest in joining the club, they are sponsored
by an existing member and they must serve as Prospect for a time period (at least 3 months).
During the prospecting period, they are given tasks to prove their loyalty and dependability
to the CFRAC. Once the prospecting period is complete, a vote is taken among members of
the CFRAC Executive Board, and the Prospect can be promoted to patch-holder and can then
receive his Colors. Patch-holders are recognized as official members of the CFRAC

6. What is the best part of being part of the club?

JESTA: We formed the CFRAC to give our members a voice in the community, and to rise up
against the ‘menace’ labels most of us have been given. We have a common bond in the club,
and anything we do together feels that much stronger.

DGAF: To me its the Brotherhood, being with my homies for life, and watching our families
grow up together. We have been there for each other for the birth of our kids, and watched them
grow up together. I even performed the wedding of Jesta and his wife, and attended Truths first
wedding. Dogboy, Jesta and I all have new babies, and Truth is expecting one as well, so its a
whole new chapter of the CenFL Ryda Family, and the Lake County Family, (LC Family)

TRUTH: Getting to chill with my homies.

7. What do you see in the future for this club?

JESTA: We would like to grow some, but at the same time we don’t want to lose the close-
knit feeling we have now. Any plans for the future will be built around keeping the values and
brotherhood that we represent today.

DGAF: Our Sgt at Arms was talking at todays meeting about the future and growing big across
multiple counties again, I personally would love to grow, but I dont want to lose the bond
between members now. The problem with large clubs is you don't really know your Brothers,
you know they rock your Colors and will be there for you, but its standing up for the Patch.
Mostly here with the Lake County Chapter its all us who have known each other for years, The
founding members have been down since 1998 or so and accepted by my late Mother, she was
the "Crew Mother" and always had the last vote on whether a member was fully accepted. She
passed away in 2008 and Tha Truth was the last Soulja to be accepted by her, making him the
last member of the LC Family.

TRUTH: Lots of potenitial for it to make a big jump in activity over the next year.

8. Any thing else you'd like to add before the interview is over?

JESTA: Thanks from all of us at the CFRAC for giving us some exposure in your mag! Rydaz 4

DGAF: go to www.CenFLRydaz.com or www.CenFLRydaz.org and sign the guestbook!
also search and "like" on Facebook. Also hope to have a good relationship with our Club and
your magazine in the future. Hold your Hatchets high! Much Much Clown Luv, CFR Ryde or

TRUTH: MCL long live the hatchet!!!
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