CFR Bridge

The CFR Bridge

    "The Bridge" is a bridge in a secluded area over a major highway. However even with it's proximity to the highway, it is miles from anything else. This is a long time hang out spot for the CFR back in the crew days, even having fireworks launched off the bridge a few years for the 4th of July. Many times the crew has come to this spot to just hang out and chill. That is the point of the Bridge now. The final act for a Prospect is after he has been voted in, is to go to the bridge for his initiation.

    While details vary depending on the Probate to what happens, the Bridge night usually has one last job for the Probate to do. After this is complete he goes to the bridge to hang out. If a probate passes the initiation  he's in. Should a probate fail, he is left there. And it is about a 2 hour walk back to civilization if not more. In recent years housing develpments and industrial zones have sprang up around the area, so it loses some of the appeal. But is still held in high regard for it's place in the history of The Club.