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n- Chapter 14 - The Reaper War

The Reaper War

     The Volusia County Chapter was born after the Lake County Sgt at Arms "Hashish" moved to Volusia County and needed some more people to ride with since he went NOMAD from the LC. He fell in with another local Club called the Iron Order MC and ran with them for a little while, They then tried to make Hashish drop his Hatchet and fly their Colors. They also extended an offer to our Vice President to start a Lake County IO Chapter if he sent in the money. DGAF saw the fact that you could start your own chapter of a Club for a price tag with no Probation or even knowing anyone from the Club to be disrespectful and shady. After a slight confrontation between Hash & DGAF with some other IO in Deltona, Hash moved to Daytona Beach/Port Orange but not after pulling Gallo's patch for a trophy (later returned to the IO to squash any beef). 

    DGAF moved to Daytona Beach, and together with Hash and a few others that left the Iron Order and other local Clubs, banded together as the VCo Reaperz in 2012. The Reaperz wore REAPER CREW or a Reaper as their way to show their Chapter. VCo was a Motorcycle Dominant Chapter with a lot of inter-club relations with local MC's. The VCo Clubhouse was located in Port Orange, with a safehouse/meetup in Daytona Beach on Ridgewood ave, dubbed "RidgeHood" due to the local supporters. The Reaper Crew wore a vest with no back patch on it, just REAPER CREW or the name CenFL Rydaz.

    In August 2013, after a few tensions and authoritative problems, The Reaperz contacted the OC Empire and attempted to get them to patch over and go mutiny against the CFR. This however did not come to pass because the Empire is to loyal to drop their Hatchets, but the Reaperz abandoned the Daytona area and moved to an undisclosed location. There have been several threats and attacks on the Ryda Lifestyle, now involving a local 1% National Club. 

    It is unknown at current time if the 1% pressure is related or just a bad coincidence, but due to the conditions and the times a wartime president was needed and on Sept 1st 2013, 15 year president Jesta stepped down and DGAF took the helm.

This is ongoing, and the end to this chapter in the CFR is unknown at this time. But DGAF has put Charlie D aka Reaper or Grimm on the OUTBAD list, as well as anyone claiming REAPER status. 

Current up to date info can be found via FACEBOOK