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m- Chapter 13: Family Values

Family Values

    The Truth is, among all the false images and scandals, The Central Florida Rydaz is about Family. We accept a Brother into our Family, and in turn the Probate receives not only new Brothers, but new Sisters, Nephews, Nieces, and Cousins by way of the Support Clubs. The F.B.I. can label us a National Gang, but we got Juggalo Family. In the since of the CFR, the Club is moving away from the "Juggalo" culture as the Rydaz are Old School, and the new Juggalo "Family Kids" are going their own direction.

    The Central Florida Rydaz value our Ryda Family, above all else. We proudly stand our ground against haters, the 1% Clubs, Local Law Enforcement, and even the FBI. We have nothing to hide, sure our past is filled with bad blood and we have skeletons in our closets. But we strive to better and further our Families and our Communities. We have purged the negative elements and started anew, and grown strong to four counties of which you will find no link to the CFR and ANY criminal activity. We support buying local and even have a few businesses that have earned the title of a CFR Family Friendly Business. 

    We are not going away, we only grow...with each Chapter we get stronger, and more diverse yet tighter in Brotherhood. Not all Chapters look the same, some ride bikes and wear Colors on their back. Some drive cars and wear them on their waist. We have people around Central Florida and Supporters around the country. We are here....and we will not leave. We live by a few motto's. 

"Respect All, Fear None"
    A twist on the Mongols "Respect Few, Fear None". We will Respect ALL until you give us a reason to think otherwise. If you stand for something, and stand behind it. Doesn't matter if its a Club, your family, the Law, or your favorite hobby. If you stand for something then we Respect you until you decide to make us lose that respect.

    Born to Ryde, Down for Life. This is the motto that states that we are here for a reason. To Ryde. The term Ryde, is used with the Y because it is more than the action of Riding. To "Ryde" is to live the CFR Lifestyle. and Down for Life means that we will NEVER stop.

    Rydaz Forever, Forever Rydaz. The "Forever" quote is used by nearly every Club in existence  to show loyalty to their Club. But we live by this as it states that the Rydaz are FOREVER. We are here, we have been through battles, we have our scars, we have targets on our back, but the truth is we will always be here in some form. RFFR is a Lifestyle.

    However our dedication and loyalty can lead to problems, which is what led to the Reaper War