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j- Chapter 10: The CenFL Rydaz A.C.

The CenFL Rydaz Auto Club

On January 1st, 2010 The CenFL Rydaz A.C. was officially launched. The original Club Colors (as seen above) were changed shortly after, due to concerns from our patch makers with copyright infringement, as well as concerns that anyone claiming to be a Juggalo and repping a Hatchetman could be wrongly associated with the CFR by law enforcement and the general public. While we are still a Juggalo Club, today's generation of Juggalos are not the same as when we were growing up, and we don't want to be associated with anything negative towards the Juggalos of today.
It was decided by vote of the remaining Rydaz that Jesta should continue as our first Club President, and Draven as Vice President. All previous Rydaz were cast out from the Club and required to rejoin, this would rid the "Club" of and negative members from the "Crew" days.  Here was the new roster.

Jesta was elected as Club President
Draven was elected as Vice President
Hashish was still serving in the US Army and was given the title of Nomad.
Matric was still running the out of state Charter with J-Roc as his second in command
Tha Truth was the Lake County Soulja
Havik was still considered Prospect but was currently serving Nomad.
The Big Show was given a title as an honorary member while incarcerated.
J-Roc was a Soulja for the Brotherhood in KY under Matric

All other minor members or people just claiming the CFR were let go. There was an official Ban put on tagging, most outdoor tags were removed, but a lot of them remain indoors, leading to the CFR Graffiti Removal Project. However several local Lake County Establishments stated they didn't mind the CFRs. Two local smoke shops not only kept the CFR Collection Jar, but one made a new one after it was damaged. The only difference now was the CFR does not collect any monies, they are real tip jars this time around, but the support was appreciated. There was also a vote put to the wives of the Club members, and only the wives (Rydaz had no vote in this matter) where it was decided that the Wives would be considered an important part of the Club, but not involved in Club Management or Executive decisions.

The rest of 2010 involved quite a bit of logistical problems with running the out of state Charter, and Matric and J-Roc let the Brotherhood members go, disbanded the Charter and moved back to Central Florida. Matric took the position of Sgt at Arms for the LC Family and J-Roc moved to Soulja status. In May of 2010, CFR Soulja J-Roc was charged with disciplinary problems and with bringing negative attention to the Club, leading to a recommendation from the Sgt at Arms Matric to drop J-Roc back to Prospect for a probationary period. Meanwhile Matric and his family moved into the CFR Clubhouse, while Tha Truth moved in with Draven Mercer and was preparing to join JobCorps. Long time CFR Supporter Dogboy was invited to prospect with the CFR under Draven Mercer.

Come the end of June 2010, due to continued disciplinary problems and breaking Club Laws, J-Roc's Prospect patch was pulled by Matric, and a vote was cast by The Club to Exile J-Roc. Matric then brought in a new Prospect named Badd and announced a wish to move back out of state and receive a Charter from the CFR board to create another out of state chapter. Prospect Dogboy and the CFR welcomed the birth of his daughter into this world and Hashish announced he was headed back to Central Florida.

Over the next 3 months, Hashish returned to the Mother Chapter, Tha Truth announced he was expecting a child, and Matric decided after much deliberation, that he no longer wanted to be in the Club life, and put in a request to the Board for a retirement with good standing. Early September 2010 the request was granted unanimously across the Board, Hashish was voted in as the new Sgt at Arms and Matric departed the CFRAC. 

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