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i- Chapter 9: The New Order and LC Family


By this time in the story, Jesta had moved back to Lake County, Draven and Matric were out of JCor, and the CenFL Rydaz was back to its roots in a sense. The Crew that once spanned counties and had enormous attendance counting repping and claiming Rydaz, was now centralized only in the LC and had but 3-4 active members that were in Lake County or not in prison. The waters were tested about starting up again and rebuilding the crew. A set of basic bylaws were written by Draven and Matric and a leadership of three was set up. Jesta being known as Boss, while Draven and Matric were ranked as Captains. Other CFR members that were not in the area (Big Show in Prison, Hashish in the Army etc..) were contacted and a desire to remain CFR was expressed. So the new bylaws and rank structure was implemented as the CFR New Order, and a new Prospect was found.

New Order Rank Structure

Under the New Order, Rules were presented and decided upon by Matric and Draven and then approved by Jesta. It made an outline for a "LC Family" and was set up more as a Mafia than a Club, with rules about hurting the family and punishments not limited to beat downs. The CFR New Order can be viewed HERE although it is outdated and not an accurate desription of our Club Bylaws. The Truth was named Prospect under Draven, Havik was contacted and still wanted to Prospect, Matric also had potential Prospects that were interested. It was a "Money flows up, Shit rolls down" type of format. Any money or acquisitions from a prospect would be cut with their Captain, and then again to the Boss. This was also the time that most CFR assosiates were introduced to the "Family". Local businesses were involved with the CFR, most even allowing CFR tagging and even providing free services to the CFR. This somewhat liberal tagging acceptance unfortunaly led to Tha Truth becoming the Crew's Tagger (A position last held by Baggz years ago) and Truth was good at his job, CFR tags went up EVERYWHERE, from Overpasses, abandoned buildings, stores, bathrooms, and even "official" CFR's placed on "tip" jars in various establishments. During this time historical and iconic locations to the CFR such as "The Bridge" and "The Tunnel" were once again visited. "The Bridge" is an undisclosed bridge, in the middle of nowhere over a major FL Highway. The location of the crossing road is not very active therefore The Crew is able to hangout and party, even throw yearly fireworks parties on New Years Eve and the 4th of July on the bridge, without traffic or Law Enforcement. The Bridge is also the location of initiation into the crew, and where The Truth was finally promoted from Prospect to Soulja. This New Order format of the crew served well, as a criminal enterprise. However this is what the CFR was trying to avoid after the 440 days, and was never the intention of the CFR to be  a known criminal organization. in May 2009 Draven returned to Lake County from the Kentucky Chapter (ran by Matric, himself and J-Roc,) and met with the CFR Family Boss Jesta to discuss the conduct of the out of state Chapter, as well as the possibility to bring the CFR from a Street Crew and back to a Car Club. But with official bylaws and charitable intentions and other ideas to repair the street gang or organized crime syndicate image. The remainder of 2009 was used by Jesta and Draven to research, reorganize and design Club Colors for the CFR CC. Then it was decided that since Draven, Matric, and Hashish at a minimum were known to ride or interested in motorcycles, that the Club should adress the needs of Motorcycle Rydaz as well, and this was the birth of the Central Florida Rydaz Auto Club.

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