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h- Chapter 8: Making Roots

Making Roots

Draven and Matric were in JobCorps, Hashish was overseas in the United States Army. Big Show was serving a prison sentence until 2013. J-Roc was busted on a crack cocaine possession. The 440 drifted back to Sumter Co. and no real contact was made between them and the LC. Jesta had a daughter and moved in with his girl in Orange County. Most CFR Supporters and Representing members lost contact and began drifting away. After the turmoil and tribulations of Sumter County and The 440 as well as the general gang image that the CFR had received made this period a well deserved break and time to recover and establish roots. The CenFL Rydaz was started as a group for friends to be together under a common bond and interest, and selling drugs while wearing CFR colors and tattoos was no longer acceptable. During this time was the editing and final production of the Ministry TV Vol. 1 DVD which showed a few events and hanging out with the LC crew of the CFR. This video showed appearances at Hot Import Nights, Chilling in Daytona on Spring Break, Jacksonville Freshness, music videos and a New Years Eve Juggalo Party for the history books. The DVD was the 1st dvd compilation and was not the best production or editing (some scenes did go longer than needed) but it was a monumental step in the history of the CFR. This temporary hold was put on the CenFL Rydaz until 2006, during which time there was no recruiting and anyone who wanted out could leave with no repercussions.

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