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g- Chapter 7: Back to Lake County

Back to Lake County

So with all the troubles brewing in Sumter County, Draven returned to the Home of the CFR Mt. Dora, Lake County.
Reuniting back with Jesta, and also moving in with what was dubbed "The Lake County Crew" which was two houses on 11th Ave. Where no drinking or hard drugs were allowed. Around this time is when Draven started getting involved in joining Job Corps, like Hashish before him. The thought of JCor was present for a while, but no efforts were made to enroll until now. After a few months back in the LC, the whole drama of the 440 seemed to have passed. Matric even moved in with the LC Crew and became the "guy on the couch" (Draven had upgraded to the "dude in the garage"). Not much happened on a Club level during this time, it was more of a healing period after the trouble of the past year. Jesta and Draven stayed active and in touch with a few Rydaz around Lake and SemCo, but this was a period of low recruitment, just staying off the radar of Law Enforcement. Jesta moved on with his work and Draven (and now Matric as well) left Fla to join JCor

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