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f- Chapter 6: The Hill

The 440 Boys and The Infamous "Hill"

This marked the beggining of what most would call the "dark" times of the CFR. At first all seemed well, Draven moved in at The Hill in Orange Homes and the parties continued. Every week Roc would throw parties and people would come from all over to party at the hill. The Hill consited of a property (on a hill) with 4 houses (3 were occupied) and a trailer. This property was owned by J-Roc and was the center of the 440 crew. THe party lifestyle increased and so did J-Roc's involvement with the CFR. After some time Roc was given an offer to join the Rydaz, and after passing initiation he was given the rank of Soulja and allowed to manage his old crew of the Orange Home Homies (440) under the title as CenFL Rydaz. This was possibly one of the largest mistakes in the history of the CFR. The CenFL Rydaz was just getting over the "gang" image, and even though the "party crew" image wasnt much better at least it wasn't illegal. However unknown to the CFR at the time of the merger, the 440 were big into cocaine dealing and other highly illegal endeavors. Soon Matric also moved into The Hill and began partying with the Orange Homes chapter. Not much detail will be reveled here to protect Rydaz, former Rydaz, and other parties involved. But the cocaine dealing and usage got really bad and the emergence of crack cocaine on the hill and in dealings with the 440, caused a few fights among the houses on the hill and Draven was kicked out and had to walk back to leesburg. Matric and Roc stayed with the 440. Draven then moved in with a more laid back crew back home in the LC and Mt. Dora. And so began the era of the Lake County Crew
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