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e- Chapter 5: Crib 54


Who needs Studio 54, when you have an apartment with the same number in the LC?
Crib 54 belonged to a CFR Supporter named Kit who was at the time dating Matric, and allowing Draven to live there during his rehabilitation.
The reasons are not entirely sure why it happened, it may have been Kit and company's love of drinking, Dravens pain killer supply, the available use of cough medicines and whip-its, whatever the reason Crib 54 began getting a reputation as a party spot every weekend and new people we met every week. This introduced the likes of Boston, Smokey, and J-Roc (who would later become a CFR Soulja). Parties ranged from all out drinking parties, to black light nights, girls making out on the couches, sex in the bedrooms, naked chicks just chilling, playing frogger and superman in the parking lot while tripping on C3, The Arizona Mids, Smokeys Bong Rips, Dravens Naughty Santa seXmas party (complete with the condom seXmas tree). This was some of the best times in alot of peoples lives. It also introduced the CFR to a crew out of Wildwood called The 440 (Orange Homes Homies), where key members J-Roc, Smokey, and a few others began becoming regulars. J-Roc even moving in and dating Kit (after Matric and her split). Alot of people came into the CFR family around this time including;
  • Kit
  • J-Roc
  • Smokey
  • Billy
  • Twitch
  • Harley
  • Lunchbox
  • Boston
  • Arizona (not real name, bud dealer)
  • Chicka
  • And untold numbers of people just attending the parties
Weekends were always goodtimes, but the rest of the weeks starting taking their toll on Kit. The Apartment management got tired of the parties and the reputation. Matric was out of work, Draven was in a wheelchair, and J-Roc was at the end of his rope with Kit. In fear of possibly losing the apartment, Crib 54 was officially closed as the CFR Party Spot. Draven moved in with J-Roc on his property in Orange Homes and started hanging out with the 440,
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