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d- Chapter 4: The Southside

Welcome To The Southside!

After the exodus from CenFL to Jacksonville, Jesta and Draven moved in on the Southside of Jacksonville while Jesta managed and ran the arcade at the Jacksonville Landing. Jesta and Draven took every oprutunity to explore Americas largest city and had some awesome times, even meeting a local Juggalo psudo-celebrity named The Southside Joker. Draven and Joker started a rap group called The Deadzone that was signed to Ministry Recordz, The Deadzone was a reformation of a group that was idealized back in the Trio days by Hashish and Draven. The only music really made by The DZ was a collaboration with a horrorcore rapper from Australia, although even without music to back the group The Deadzone was a fairly large success, even headlining a Mini-Gathering, which was attended by CFR brother Matric, who had moved up to Jax by this point. Now living on The Southside, the combined forces of Jesta, Draven, Joker, and Matric had the origins to start the Southside Rydaz (SSR) as a "sister club" of The CenFL Rydaz. There were talks of Draven and possibly Matric staying behind in Jax to run this chapter when a mere few days before The Deadzone's debut headline Concert, Draven was struck by a car at Beach Blvd and University a few blocks from his home. Draven suffered major injuries and even flat lining and having a ToD (Time of Death) issued, before being brought back by physicians at SHANDS Jax. During his time in the hospital, Matric and Jesta had left to return home to the LC, Joker started his solo career and Draven was homeless and crippled. Until he was taken in by a CFR Supporter in Eustis who had started dating Matric. And so begins the era of Crib 54 in Chapter V