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c- Chapter 3: Thy Unveiling

Thy Unveiling

Released on November 5, 2002 was the Insane Clown Posse's infamous Sixth Jokers Card  with The Wraith's Exhibit of Shangri-La.
The Wraith
is in essence the grim reaper, or death. According to the Juggalo mythology, upon your death, the Wraith takes you to either Shangri-La (heaven) or to Hell's Pit (hell). In The Wraith: Shangri-La, the ICP guides the listener as The Wraith takes the listener upon an exhibition of heaven, whereas in The Wraiths Exhibit of Hell's Pit, The Wraith takes the listener on a voyage through hell.
In the album's final track, "Thy Unveiling", Joseph Bruce revealed that the hidden message of their music was always to follow God and make it to Heaven. This one revelation, which many predicted long before, and was even shown in the release of the first Dark Lotus album, caused such an uproar among the Juggalo Underground as the Juggalo Nation split into basically two factions, The Juggalo Family who were drawn together with the final Jokers Card, and The ones who dropped their Hatchets after hearing this announcement. It didn't matter if you became religious (some did, many didn't). It was the message of Family Unity that was unveiled. However this caused a lot of "juggalos" to drop their hatchets and begin hating on anyone associated with the Juggalo Nation. One major clique that dropped their hatchets were the ninjas at FLJuggalos, nearly everyone in the leadership of this crew disowned ICP and anyone associated. This caused tension and a split with the FLJuggalo/Rydaz when Dez screwed Jesta over and got back with Will (Willy Bubba), there were even discussions online from Will and HaT directly calling out the CFR and mentioning that we met at the CiCi's in Apopka (HaT worked at the Albertsons next door) on the FLJuggalos website (now reformatted and directed to their new domain). CFR Soulja Baggz was even reported to have jumped across the counter and beat down HaT at an Apopka Blockbuster.
The disban of FLJuggalos left The CenFL Rydaz as the largest and longest running Florida Juggalo Crew, spanning active membership in Lake, Orange, and Seminole Counties. With CFR Representation also extending into Volusia and Sumter/Marion counties. The CenFLRydaz were actively representing and holding down most central Florida malls and areas, including;
  • Lake Square Mall
  • Seminole Town Center
  • Altamonte Mall
  • West Oaks Mall
  • The Florida Mall
  • Fashion Square Mall
  • I-Drive
  • Downtown Orlando (Church and Orange Aves)
  • Downtown Clermont (8th Street)
  • "The Hood" (Abandoned US Navy Base Housing Area)
  • As well as most of North Lake County, and the Leesburg/Sumter County area.
Membership of Repping and Claiming CFR was at an all time high, The CFR Even co-hosted a Mini Gathering at Bush Gardens Halloscream with DaLostSouls. But this was also the beginning of the "Gang Related" image of the CenFL Rydaz, eventully leading to (alleged) hits put out on Draven Mercer and the CFR by rival gangs. Jesta was being promoted and being sent to run an arcade in Jacksonville FL. To avoid any trouble to the families or people just claiming the CFR, as well as Draven's Fiance. The CenFL Rydaz were put on a hiatus of sorts while Jesta and Draven moved to Jacksonville and tried to start a sister club called the Southside Rydaz in Chapter IV