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b- Chapter 2: Rydaz Ryde Out

Rydaz Ryde Out!

After much thinking of a name for this crew it was decided to stay with the Juggalo Lifestyle and name ourselves after the Psychopathic Rydas, which was a musical group on Psychopathic Records that was popular at the time of the formation of the crew, At this time the CFR decided on a logo, the current CFR, drawn up by Draven Mercer and an abbreviation as CenFL (pronounced "Sinful") Rydaz, by Jesta "Two-Strings".
Anyone down with the lifestyle and the crew as a whole was accepted, men and women alike, and a major presence was made at Mt. Dora High School and around the "Golden Triangle" area. Around this time is when the newly formed CFR started to branch out around lake county and even begin to venture to Seminole County, Sanford Mall area. Jesta later retired The Cruiser and got The Storm, Which became the new cruise vehicle. It was decked out with Hatchetman decals, lights, and a sound system to continue the bumps. The CFR also made freindship with the largest Juggalo crew in Florida known as The Florida Juggalos and They started hanging out with one of the main chicks, Jesta macked on her a bit and made some progress, Draven tried on her sister but she wasn't having any of it.  Also around this time the CFR was hanging out with a local crew and rap group called Da Lost Souls or DLS out of Bassville Park/Leesburg. Jesta also ran the local arcade at Lake Square Mall so it became a central hangout for the CFR and all the CFR friends and Family. This is around the time that Tattoo Dave began hanging out with the CFR as well as many others who knew the crew from the mall. The CFR had friends everywhere in the mall but Security. Free food, free games, free movies, this was the time when most of the Rydaz of this era learned how easy it was to be a mall rat, and even how to spend some "quality time" with the ladies in the mall. Lake Square Mall became the central location for activity in Lake County, with Jesta running the show and Draven basically living at the arcade.
However all this time began brewing towards something, a moment that would change the Juggalo world as a whole and cause major changes in the life of the LC and the CFR. Continue to Chapter III.

Notable Rydaz and Associates of this time period include:
  • Davey Bones (old time friend)
  • Tattoo Dave
  • Becca
  • Carrie
  • Trevor
  • 'Nessa
  • Kristy
  • Baggz (also known as "New Baggz" and spelled different from "old Bagzz) 
  • DLS crew

The Storm