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a- Chapter 1: The Unholy Trio

The Unholy Trio

The start of the current Club known as The Central Florida Rydaz, began in 1998 in the town of Mount Dora Florida. Three friends named Draven "Tha Deadman", Jesta "Two-Strings". and Hashish ya Dead Zombie (inside story) formed a small group called The Unholy Trio as they were the only Juggalos at Mount Dora High School and in the immediate area of Lake County. However they began spreading the Juggalo lifestyle and fanbase throughout the High school and made alot of new Juggalos. Jesta had The Cruiser, which he had cutomized with some huge speakers and would cruise Lake County on the regular.
Around this time is when another friend started getting close and into the Juggalo image, who was given the name Matric after his backyard wrestling persona. When Matric started being considered part of "the crew", the Trio tag no longer fit and a new name had to be devised. There were also other people who desired to be in the "Crew" most notable are listed below.
  • Matric
  • The Big Show
  • Tricka
  • Snappz
  • Pringlez
  • Bagzz (later refered to as Old Bagzz)
With all the new prospective members, a new name and image had to be developed, leading to Chapter II

"The Cruiser"