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k- Chapter 11: The Judas Kiss

The term Judas Kiss is defined as "an act appearing to be an act of friendship, which is in fact harmful to the recipient." According to the Synoptic Gospels, Judas identified Jesus to the soldiers by means of a kiss. This is the kiss of Judas, also known as the Betrayal of Christ, which leads directly to the arrest of Jesus by the police force of the Sanhedrin. (as defined by Wikipedia)

The beginning of 2011 showed promise as the momentum of the CFRAC was pushing forward full steam.
Connections were made with a local crew by the name of Anarchy X, who wished to support the CFR. The Doghouse was officially declared an alternative Clubhouse and Dogboy had shown dedication and loyalty to the CFR. The plans for a Memorial Ryde in the memory of Mother Brooks were finalized. However we lost our Prospect Badd who had left the CFR and aligned himself with a new Club on the scene by the name of The Dirty Muttz MC. Who was being led by former CFR Sgt at Arms Matric and Exiled CFR Soulja J-Roc.

This obviously led to some confusion, and a bit of hurt pride by some of the CFR members, as it was stated upon Matrics retirement that "Club Life" was not for him anymore. Tensions were raised even more when it came to light that the founding of the Dirty Muttz MC (DMMC) happened more than a month before the retirement of Matric, and a very demeaning post was made on the CFR Website guestbook from someone calling themselves DIECFR;

"you say your club is about family but your not. family is about family not drugs. no onw wants to be in a club that lies to its people and does drug stuff. the cfr is stupid and liers. they do drugs dont allow women and make you do illegal stuff to join. there are better clubs out there for those in lake county just look around and find a real family club that allows everyone and does things as a family "

Shortly after this post was made, Matric reached out to both CFR President Jesta and Vice President DGAF assuring us that it was not him, and he was doing his own investigation of DMMC members. He also extended a desire to make peace and possibly form an alliance with the CFRAC, as the DMMC was a new Club and only had around 5 members at the time. An investigation was conducted by the CFR, and our tech support found that the post was made using an anonymous web browser, and at a later meeting it was decided that there was a sufficient lack of evidence to declare that Matric or the DMMC were responsible. This did not change the opinions of several CFR members, just that nothing could be done on a Club level.
It should be pointed out that the statement made by this person is unwarranted and unsupported by any evidence. The CFR is a democracy; members vote on all club issues and do not interfere with the individual. The CFR will not make you, sell drugs of guns. The CFR doesn't want to control everything around us. We just want to be left alone, with out somebody butting in. No one is forced, to become a brother.

After some disrespect, on both sides, a meeting was made at the DMMC Clubhouse where Matric met with Jesta and Draven. It was expressed that the negative comments to the CFR was not him, and a desire was presented that Matric wanted to come back to the CFR, he had made a mistake and missed the brotherhood and the Club as a whole. A video was made by Matric pleading his case to be shown to the Board to encourage a vote to bring him back in and announcing that he had disbanded the DMMC and would even rejoin the CFR as a Prospect if necessary. A meeting was made among all active CFR, and it was decided that even though the methods and actions of Matric were wrong and not desirable, his past commitment to the Club should warrant a reinstatement.

It was only a few days however before it came to light that the whole thing was a ruse against the CFR, and he had no intention of rejoining or disbanding the DMMC. In fact recruitment for the DMMC went up. This was the final nail in the coffin you could say. The CFR cut all ties with the DMMC and continued to operate as we have been. Over the course of the year, The CFR has participated in more events, got the website and a facebook page, gained the support of more business and community officials. While the Dirty Muttz MC went into a decline and eventually disbanded for good.

It should be expressed that aside from a few confrontations, The CenFL Rydaz AC was never "at war" with the DMMC, and the ultimate collapse of the Muttz was mostly due to internal issues, and the fact that its hard to create, support and perpetuate a Club now a days. The CFR has been active since 1998, But has gone through countless changes and problems. We have gone from a small group of friends, to a "crew", to a "gang", to the Club we are now. Its never been easy and many bad choices have been made. The only thing that pulled us through all the events listed in this history, is the Brotherhood and Respect that we have for each other.

What some people don’t understand is we don't just join a club for the sake of joining a club, Ask our prospects; they want in because of who we are, and what we do for each other. Any member can call upon any member for anything. You don't join a Club, you pay dues and earn your way. Your club brothers become as close as and become part of your family. Because you where born, with your family. You had no choice in the matter. Your club brothers are your brothers, because you choose them. And they chose you.

At this time there may be some personal issues among members of the CFR and former members of the DMMC, but on a Club level, while we dont agree with the methods and deceptions, there is a respect for the Dirty Muttz MC for trying to make it and giving it a chance.

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