Club History

CFR A.C. Club History

This is the history of how The CenFL Rydaz AC formed from 3 juggalo kids in high school, to one of the largest Juggalo crews in Florida, to the longest running Juggalo crew/Club in Florida. You will read how three kids started a phenomena that spread from a small Lake County town to spanning over 5 counties. The incidents that split the Juggalo Family and forced the CFR into a gang image, moving to Jacksonville, the CFR's brief music venture and even the CFR DVD. The party days, the drug associations and how we tried to repair that image. its mostly all here, some things were left out to protect individuals from jail time or ass kickings. This was written over the course of two days by someone with somewhat limited experience, if you know of anything left out, bring it up at a meeting.

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