The Tunnel Runners SC (National)

    The Tunnel Runners Support Club, was experimental as a virtual club. No physical Clubhouse, but membership would unite all CFR Supporters and Underground Supporters, regardless of sex, vehicle, or location. Members would have no physical meetings, but would be charged with online support of the CFR (facebook, website, promotion, etc) as well as maintaining a site with news on the Underground scene. This time spent with the TRSC could be put towards an official Probation Period with the Club if eligible for membership (but could not replace the prospect period). It was given an official Charter, but was never implemented. Originally designed for a CFR Prospect who had moved to New York to manage as his Probation Period. The Probate ended up moving back to Central Florida however, and the Charter was never put into use. To this day, the Tunnel Runners is in Limbo.