Earle C. Eastside (Morganfield, KY)

Earle C. Eastside

    DGAF and Matric went off and joined Job Corps in 2005, they were both assigned to Earle C. Clements JCA, in Morganfield Ky. For anyone who has never been to Job Corps, or Earle C in particular. Earle C. Clements is the 2nd largest Job Corp center in America and houses majority court ordered cases. It tends to carry a prison type of system. There are 5 campuses on center, organized by trade, DGAF and Matric were both assigned to the 3's, which is the East Side Campus. 

    There were a lot of gangs carried over into Job Corps, including a few Juggalos claiming JRB, but on the losing end of the JCor gang scene. DGAF orgainized all the Juggalos that lived in the East Campus (and a few from other campuses) and formed the East Side Rydaz, or as they ended up being known around campus, simply "Earle C. Eastside" It consisted of 12 people and there were many fights and blood shed. DGAF himself lost 2 teeth in a fight. Matric, while still considered CFR, chose NOT to join Earle C Eastside. 

    It was here, that connections were made with many ninjas, one being known as H-Killa, who was extended an offer to join the CenFL Rydaz upon graduation due to the efforts and loyalty displayed in Earle C Eastside. However, DGAF got into some trouble and was sent to another JobCorps Center in Tennessee, With Matric unwilling to step up, the association with the CenFL Rydaz died out and CFR Support was no more. Apparently, H-Killa stood up and took control and the Earle C Eastside provided protection and financial support for the East Campus until the last member graduated and left. 

    H-Killa never moved to Florida, instead settled down in Oregon. The offer to join is still open should he ever return. Earle C. East Campus still stands at the center, with only the legends of the riots and gang wars. Knowing how the center operates, it is probably in control by another gang, exploiting and terrorizing the residents. Unless someone else stood up as Earle C Eastside did, and kept the gangs out.