Brotherhood of Kingz (Pikeville, Ky)

    The Brotherhood of Kings was the first Out of State Chapter of the Central Florida Rydaz. (Earle C Eastside was not chartered by the CFR). Started by (former) CFR Captain Matric in Pikeville, Ky. Soon joined by DGAF and family after DGAF got married, they recruited local people around Pikeville. Even though this was a CFR Chartered Club, there were a few different rules. For example, Matric allowed women into the club as well as people who rode offroad vehicles strictly.

    Eventually calling up J-Roc up to Pikeville to help run the Chapter, things started getting out of control. They were chartered as a Support Club, but Matric eventually started showing signs of not supporting the Mother Club. Then there were confrontations with DGAF, and he decided to move his family back to the Mother Club. The CFR eventually pulled the Charter of the Brotherhood, and it died off. But the groundwork was laid, and contacts made for Matric and J-Roc's eventual betrayal of the Central Florida Rydaz and the start of their own Club.