Anarchy X (Central Florida)

    Stemming from the Punk Scene in the 80's, Anarchy X actually pre-dates the Central Florida Rydaz AC, started in the early 90's Anarchy X was a group that enjoyed Sex, Drugs, and Punk Rock. True to the chaotic nature of the Anarchy symbol they adopted, the group was highly unorganized and was known for rowdy and rambunctious behavior. DGAF started hanging out with them in his early childhood, which made the connections for the future.

    In 1999, DGAF contacted an old A-X friend named Blaze, who had moved up to running the Florida Anarchy X.  The offer was extended to become a Support Group for Anarchy X, who was in need of some more organization. It was decided that they would Officially Support the CFR, and Anarchy X started helping out the CFR whenever it was needed. 

    Anarchy X has been associated with the likes of FSU (Friends Stand United) but still for the most part, unorganized and sometimes implicated in fighting, rioting, vandalism, and an occasional arson. However since A-X was unstructured, it is hard to prove if any of these accusations are legitimate. In 2013, it was announced by Blaze that Anarchy-X was no longer taking members, it is unseen if this is permanent or not. So as of the time of this publication, A-X is a Closed membership.