CenFL Rydaz Support Clubs

Support Clubs/Crews  

The Central Florida Rydaz AC, is the definition of an Independent Club. Truly "Underground" as it was NEVER been a Support Club for anything more than the Lifestyle. We have however had Supporters of our Club in many forms. Some are out of state, so can't join a chapter. Some are women, who are not allowed to be Rydaz. Some are currently patched into other Clubs, and therefore can't join us. But sometimes an entire crew or Club will come together to Support us. Below is a list of the Clubs and Crews that have Supported the CFR throughout the years.

The Southside Rydaz
            (Jacksonville, Florida)

Anarchy - X
            (Central Florida)

3 Kings
            (Sumter County, Florida)

Brotherhood of Kingz
            (Pikeville, Kentucky)

Earle C. Eastside
            (Morganfield, Kentucky)

Tunnel Runners SC
            (National Club)