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Mako's Orlando
Currently Closed 

    Mako's has probably the longest history in the CFR as far as Orange County, and Clubs goes. The Founding members have been going to Mako's on weekends since 2000 and have many great memories. Mako's is famous for the drinks and the "party" atmosphere. It is less like going to a Club, and more like a House Party. CFR VP DGAF even worked there as Security, while VCo President Hash was offered a job. Not for the "SWAG" crowd and only for those looking to party.

Mako's Orlando

Gino's Pizza & Brew
120 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Open 24/7
    Gino's also has a long history with the CFR, it was a nightly stop for a slice and a few drinks when the Rydaz were downtown. Great people, and even better food. It get's kinda crowded at times but worth it. Best Pizza in Orlando, Hands Down. They used to even have a picture of The CFR up on the wall for about two years, right next to local celebrities. It was truly an honor. Check out Ginos, Right on Orange Ave.

Wall Street Plaza

    Wall Street offers 8 bars for 1 cover, and each one has something to please the pickiest of bar snobs. The drinks are strong, and while some people consider them expensive (try going to Vegas if you're one of those), they pack double the alcohol of your typical drink. A shot is practically a full drink, and is served in a rocks glass. Shot glasses don't exist at Wall St. 

Cantina: A laid back, grab some food and beers drinking spot. This is one of the three bars on the strip with actual dining tables and typically, also waitress service. If you're looking to grab a bite and a casual drink, this is definitely the spot for you. 

One-Eyed Jacks and Loaded Hog: While these are technically separate bars, they're attached and a lot of overflow trickles back and forth between the two. One-Eyed's is the place to go to watch the big game, grab a beer, and get fast service. They also have a stage up front with a pole, which provides endless entertainment for both the guys and girls, as the chicks who dare to climb up are usually too drunk to know better.

Loaded Hog is kind of like every other dive bar in the area. One bar, a few tables and chairs, a narrow space, and strong drinks. Great to stop in when the line's too long at One-Eyed's, but never a fixed spot. 

Slingapours: It's definitely gotten it's nickname, Sling-a-Whore's, for a reason. While it's a great place to dance and usually the DJ plays a mix of top 40 and rap, the crowd can get a little crazy with their moves. If someone gets kicked out of Wall St. for shady behavior, I'm also willing to bet about 80% of those drunks get the boot here. 

Tuk Tuk Room/ The Globe: Similar to Hog, Tuk Tuk room is a pit stop between the two main attractions at this end of the street. The bar is never as packed as the walk-up outside Slingapour's, so it's a great spot to grab your drinks and leave an open tab. The Globe is a more upscale, loungy offering with a similar feel to Cantina. You can relax, get some food, grab a table, and check out the crazy block partiers and passersby in a bit more comfortable environment then Cantina.

Waitiki: Famous for their strong drinks, fast service, and sadly now defunct, CFR drink specials. If you're not a dancer but still want to hear current music, Waitiki is probably for you. 

Monkey Bar: I think a lot of bar hoppers often even forget about Monkey Bar, or are too drunk to find the elevators. It's a great lounge spot with a bit more decor/ vibe to it than any of the other bars, and is upstairs, providing a great view of the antics on the street below. There are some really great areas to have your own semi-private party; it's kind of like VIP area without the expensive table service fees. 

And of course, This is the ONLY spot in downtown Orlando you won't get arrested for carrying your drinks around out on the street, which is a major bonus when you just bought a yard-long margarita (try it) and your friends want to hop to the next bar. On busy nights, outdoor bars are set up so you don't have to make the exhausting trip a few feet down the road back to one of the indoor bars, and there are frequently beer pong, cornhole, and other crazy tournaments set up for the gamers. 

One final note: Rumfest and Beerfest are both held at Wall St., and are major bargains, so don't miss them! 

All in all, of course no bar can accommodate every single walk of life happily, but Wall St. is one of those staples that you have to hit every once in awhile, no matter if you're a punk rocker, pop princess, dive bar guy, or anything in between.


The Club @ Firestone
578 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801

    Set in a former tire store (hence the name), this somewhat spendy live music venue in Downtown Orlando attracts a “varied clientele” with a host of performers from top-billed hip-hop artists to bands to DJs. Firestone has hosted ICP, Twizid, Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Subnoize Souljaz, (HED)p.e. and other Underground Heavyweights. Check it out if your in town.